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Remember me? I brought your groceries in.

arcaedia is smart about advances against royalties here.

I hit page 300 of the line edit on the wolf book last night. Going to bang out the last hundred pages today and send it back to truepenny, because she doesn't have enough to do. Then I guess I have to send Worldwired back, huh? Eee, the empty-nest syndrome! Aieeee!

Interesting meta things about A Companion to Wolves: I've never written a chosen-one fantasy before, and it's a lot of fun doing it from the POV of the chosen one's sidekick. Also, it's fun deconstructing fuzzy wish-fulfillment companion animal fantasy from the viewpoint of the companion animal who is having its personality subsumed into the relationship*. Even if the companion animal happens to be a teenaged boy, and the chosen one is a wolf....

Oh, this is so not YA.

*There's some interesting academic work to be done somewhere on the psychology of wish-fulfillment companion animal fantasies, and the way that, say, Pernese dragons are essentially telepathic yes-men, reflecting their rider's personalities and wishes--kind of externalized projections, invisible friends with wings. Fortunately, I am not the one to do it.

All right. Time to make tea and finish the edit.

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