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Rover Lives! (link salad, apparently)

The CEO of the Swedish company Rotundus, Nils Hulth, discusses his company's pride and joy. It's the Orb, a robotic ball that Rotundus describes as "well suited for surveillance and inspection in rough environments."

Will Shetterly: ...the essence of art is purpose, and "to keep the audience from noticing that the story sucks" is not a good reason for a flashback.

Last night, we watched the first episode of The Greatest American Hero, which is now available on DVD, and there was much rejoicing.

Frighteningly, it also led to the realization that my first high school crush may have been a result of the boy in question having hair like Ralph Hinkley's. And boy, he was a tough son of a bitch in that show. I'd entirely forgotten--or remembered only his crunchy-granola flying-badly side, and not the in-your-face aspect of the character.

*happy sigh*

Also, Robert Culp, still funny. My inner spy geek was pleased by the nods to I Spy, too.

Sekrit Identity? WHAT sekrit identity?

Also, nice APOD today:

Auroras! On Saturn! It's Aliiiiiivvvveeeeee!

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