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people love you when they know you're leaving soon

Everybody else is so much more interesting than I am.

Ten things I've done that you probably haven't:

10.) Been the victim of a racially-motivated assault. (Well, at least one person on my flist was there, too--)

9.) Hiked 16 miles in one day, in the rain. (twice--four years apart, though.)

8.) Allowed people to write all over my jeans with magic markers, while I was wearing them.

7.) Had a prarie falcon flown to my hand and held it while it ate a rat's ass (and tail).

6.) Driven through Donner Pass during wildfire season.

5.) Moved cross-country to marry someone with whom I'd had a long-term long-distance relationship.

4.) Been a domestic violence crisis volunteer and certified State of Connecticut domestic violence counselor.

3.) Car surfed. (but don't tell my mom.)

2.) Been to a Goodtime Boogie (and slept in a school bus while there)

1.) Served as manual labor, general electrical help, and cookstaff at a women-only music festival--while under the age of puberty.

Ten things I've done that you probably have:

10.) Written a book (this is *my* friends list we're talking about here. Y'all are prolific.)

9.) Driven across country, or nearly so. (Twice)

8.) Rescued a stranded animal.

7.) Fallen in love with somebody I shouldn't have.

6.) Fallen out of love with somebody I shouldn't have.

5.) Been an absolute twit to a good friend.

4.) Gotten woefully out of shape.

3.) Been able to get my foot behind my ear.

2.) Talked down a friend who was strung out on drugs/alcohol/endorphins

1.) Gotten myself in trouble by failing to trust myself.

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