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It doesn't matter what I say... as long as I sing with inflection

Very few people ever listen to the lyrics.

If they did, they'd notice that there's a whole education in this song on how any kind of entertainer's art works--misdirection, hook, narrative, tempo changes, eyekicks, plot and revelation. There just aren't all that many differences between this and that.

Okay, not fair entirely. Some people are interested in the lyrics and what the song--or the story--is about. But overwhelmingly, most of your general audience just want to groove to something for a little bit. So it's good to write songs--and stories--that can be enjoyed in layers. The surface and the depth, so to speak.

Suck it in, suck it in, suck it in--

I added some new content while I was updating the website today. A story published in Scheherazade a few years back, entitled The Company of Four, which serves as a pretty good example of how I was writing in 1996 or so.

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