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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I woke up this morning in the Evil Empire, scratched my balls, and got to work--

...and that was a pretty good trick, lemme tell you.

In an opinion in December, Judge Bates wrote, "There has been at least some circumstantial evidence that Abu Ali has been tortured during interrogations with the knowledge of the United States." He added that agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who were present for Saudi interrogations, "have despaired at his continued detention, and more than one United States official has stated that Abu Ali is no longer a threat to the United States and there is no active interrogation."

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My fear...

...is that it's an attitude that makes itself apparent in the little things too. I have put off the idea of visiting the States indefinitely because just to apply for a visa, I would have to cough up US$100, which works out at $620 in my money - non-refundable. Then I'd have to stand in line outside in the hot sun for several hours, because the new policy states that you can't enter the builiding until it's time for your appointment. Can you imagine telling a US citizen they'd have to go through that to visit anywhere?

I don't hate America, but I'm not so sure the people in charge care to distinguish between foreigners right now. So for my own safety (after all, a 13 year old countrywoman of mine on a Christian conference visit got ejected from New York after spending 2 hours handcuffed in an airport without apology or explanation), I'd better stay home and wait for things to change.