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Progress Notes

"The Tindalosi Donna Tartt New Yorker Story"

New Words: 724
Total Words: 1,195
Pages: 5 pages in 30 days, a new land speed record. Not.
Reason for stopping: End of scene. Now I have to figure out what happens next. I know what happens in this story (well, really, can it be a New Yorker story if anything happens?)
Mammalian Assistance: none. They're all sleeping.
Stimulants: Liquorice ginger herbal tea; cranberry juice
Exercise: none yet; walk planned for later.
Mail: two rejections so far this week
Tyop du jour: he couldn't remember when he'd last seen a buttercup edging between sidewalk slaps
Darling du jour: Fractal salt stains spidered up the leather like frost-flowers, grasping at his pant cuffs.
Books finished: Liz Williams, Nine Layers of Sky; Amanda Downum, Dreams of Shreds and Tatters (ms);
Books in progress: Ed Sanders, Tales of Beatnik Glory; Michael Binyon, Life in Russia;
Other writing-related work: Five submissions

Also, GiP. We have horta icon. *g*

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