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Link salad, and "Botticelli"

M.J. Rose on Virtual Book Tours, via Booksquare

Goats, the comic strip, via netcurmudgeon. (buymeaclue, piratejenny, stillsostrange, one suspects you will like this thing.) Buddha! Zombies! Zombies! Buddha!

And speaking of The Agony Column, my paen to fanfiction, the problem of identity, smoochin', and the brutal stupidity of war, "Botticelli," is up there now.

Also, we saw Ocean's 12 tonight. Short review: watch Ocean's 11 again, instead. Long review:

It stank. Like a stinky long dead stinky thing

If God was good, it would have been two hours of Clooney and Pitt sitting on the sofa watching Happy Days in Italian and having cross-conversation (while pouring wine on each other).

But whoever wrote the script and/or cut the script fror shooting didn't understand that the thing that makes a heist movie (or a Mission:Impossible episode) work is that at the end, when they go back and show you what really happened?

You have to have been *able* to see it, and you have to see how you should have seen it and missed it in the misdirection.

That's not exactly the same thing as just leaving out the middle third of the movie.

That said, the bit with the Happy Days episode was great, and so was Eddie Izzard.

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