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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

more authentic that the usual Ukrainian cooking around here blini

Today, I am making blini. Because I crave blini. Mmmmmmm. Comfort food, warm and tender and delicious...

I use this blini recipe:

modified a bit--2 1/2 cups whole wheat flour and one cup white, specifically, and a little extra yeast to make up the density difference. And more milk than they say--the three and three-fourths cups isn't enough to make them runny enough to be tender.

They're amazing. The krasniy blini on the same site aren't quite as good--too heavy. (retrobabble, stillnotbored, the ones you had were the krasniy blini.)

Warning; they lie. The yeild is not 28. It's six million and four. You gon' be flipping pancakes for a loooong time. *g*


Oh! I found a Ukrianian Deli next to a nearby movie theater here the other day. :)
I can finally get Kluski...

did I mention they freeze beautifully, and keep up to six months that way? And can be thawed and rewarmed by popping them in the microwave wrapped in a wet paper towel?

Nature's perfect food....

(Although I admit that I prefer Pierogi but I won't turn down a Blini...)

pierogi aren't Ukrainian. They're Polish. *g* Perhaps you're thinking of piroshki?
My mother's ancestry is half Polish, half Ukrainian, so its sort of all mixed together a bit in the cooking she learned from her mother :)

That would explain it, yeah. *g*
Yum. Yum yum yum. Now I'm craving all foods Ukrainian...
Come on over. *g* I make a mean totally inauthentic onion-and-sundried-tomato piroshki, too.
Oh. Piroshki. Whimper...
I know. I think those are on the "shouldn't make these" list for the next few months, though. Alas. Because they are good.
gnar. Now I'm craving blini. Must not make blini. No blini for me.

Blini craving is contagious. Great.
Mmmmmmmmm...real food...mmmmm...

Personally, I'm kind of obsessed with breakfast. I could live on the stuff. I make pancakes or eggs or crepes for breakfast about 8x more than I have cereal or even sandwiches. *bwahahaha* *adds recipe to ammunition*
You're supposed to serve them with sour cream, but I like a good, tart yogurt better....
Have you tried the horizon organic yoghurt, with the yoghurt cream on top? I think I died and went to heaven the first time I tried it.
*g* I really like the Stonyfield Farm version of same. A lot of people swear by Brown Cow, but it's not tart enough for me.

Mountain High is pretty good, too, but nonorganic. Alas.
No buckwheat flour??
I don't like the buckwheat ones much. bad Ukrainian, I know.
I am sooo visiting your house next time. Just so you know. And the cats will have to fight me for the blinis, and the caviar. Can you get good caviar there?
Can you get good caviar there?

Possibly, but I wouldn't count on it. *g*

Loooove your icon. *g*