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more authentic that the usual Ukrainian cooking around here blini

Today, I am making blini. Because I crave blini. Mmmmmmm. Comfort food, warm and tender and delicious...

I use this blini recipe:

modified a bit--2 1/2 cups whole wheat flour and one cup white, specifically, and a little extra yeast to make up the density difference. And more milk than they say--the three and three-fourths cups isn't enough to make them runny enough to be tender.

They're amazing. The krasniy blini on the same site aren't quite as good--too heavy. (retrobabble, stillnotbored, the ones you had were the krasniy blini.)

Warning; they lie. The yeild is not 28. It's six million and four. You gon' be flipping pancakes for a loooong time. *g*
Tags: food porn, forensic cookery, forensic ukrainian cookery
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