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Why I read Pravda:

»» 28.02.05
Iraq: the worst explosion ever(13)
»» 25.02.05
Tsunami in Southeast Asia: unknown photographs(17)
»» 03.09.04
Saved hostages in Beslan(19)
»» 03.09.04
Operation on releasing hostages(58)
»» 03.09.04
Terrorists let a big part of hostages go(11)

»» 02.03.04
Oscar nominations.(12)
»» 05.02.04
Opening of the 54th Film Festival in Berlin(10)

»» 08.06.04
The French buried the heart of king Louis XVII, who died at age 10 in a filthy revolutionary prison.(8)
»» 10.05.04
Lunar eclipse(8)
»» 27.04.04
50 mummies found in the ancient shafts of Egypt.(5)
»» 29.03.04
Scythian remains found in Southern Russia.(13)
»» 25.03.04
Remains of giant mammoth found in Siberia(16)

»» 25.05.04
Amazing hats: latest fashion.(47)
»» 24.05.04
GRIMALDI GIARDINA: night dreams - show for real men.(28)
»» 29.04.04
VERSACE: Fashion collection for 2004.(14)
»» 19.04.04
OZWALD BOATENG: fashion for men for spring-summer 2004(24)
»» 16.04.04
Christian Dior. Extravagant female seducers.(29)

»» 13.08.04
Olympic athletes compete in eroticism(9)
»» 21.07.04
American fashion model seduced famous Ukrainian soccer player Shevchenko.(9)
»» 13.07.04
"Nazareth"-Rock n\(13)
»» 13.07.04
Ritchie Blackmore-Paganini of guitar music(13)
»» 05.07.04
"Ice Queen" Maria Sharapova wins Wimbledon(7)

»» 02.06.04
How it all began: for the retro car lovers (Part II)(85)
»» 01.06.04
How it all began: for the retro car lovers (Part I)(138)

»» 11.11.04
Chechnya. Russian Spetsnaz (special purpose units)(18)
»» 04.11.04
Universal Soldier(17)
»» 22.09.04
The unsinkable fleet(34)
»» 22.07.04
BALTOPS military exercise: Russia is showing its muscles.(29)
»» 21.07.04
Firearm: from A to Z.(76)

»» 11.06.04
History of post-Russia on the path to democracy.(27)
»» 15.05.04
It is hailing in the South of Russia.(6)
»» 09.05.04
Vladimir Putin's second term: Inauguration 2004(19)
»» 26.04.04
Monument to Vladimir Putin in Moscow.(4)
»» 18.03.04
Putin's grown-up daughters--Exclusive PHOTOS(4)

Latest News:

Homeless people in South Korea wear designer clothes »»

Men in underwear are not welcome in the streets of Bangkok »»

American journalists don't know where Slovakia is »»

New erotic kit guarantees 100 percent distant sex »»

Russian army officers receive free condoms with new uniforms »»

Marat Safin shows porn flicks on his cell »»

German penguins lead homosexual lives »»

Pavel Bure was the first man to sleep with Anna Kournikova »»

78-year-old disabled woman works as a phone operator in a sex firm »»

Man successfully uses anti-smoking law to steal $40 thousand-worth watch »»

Sex games end with electric toothbrush in young man's rectum »»

Gays will soon savour special kind of Queer Beer »»

Ice restaurant in Russia's North serves ice-cold vodka and ice cranberries »»

Buttocks tell a lot of a person's sexuality and tempter »»,198,9

How can you resist?

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