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Online Fiction Update

It's been brought to my attention that I buried my plug for "Botticelli" in the middle of a link salad. Consider me suitably chastised, and replugging.

Also, "One-eyed Jack and the Suicide King," the second-to-last of my four Las Vegas stories (the other two that have been published so far (original typo: "so fat") are "This Tragic Glass" and "Follow Me Light"; the fourth one, "And the Deep Blue Sea," is still househunting) is live at the lovely Lenox Avenue, along with luminaries like nihilistic_kid, Tim Pratt, Paul Tremblay, Michael Canfield, M. Lynx Qualey, and Peter Gric. "One-eyed Jack and the Suicide King" is both a standalone short story and a slightly modified version of two nonconsecutive chapters of my novel, One-Eyed Jack. I'll be updating my bibliography today.

And I've got the Supreme Court striking down the death penalty for minors in one ear, and the murder of the family of a Chicago-based federal judge who had the misfortune to tangle with white supremacists in the other. What a world.

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