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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

your papers, comrade?

The Department of Homeland Security is experimenting with a controversial new method to keep better track of immigrants who are applying to remain in the United States. It is requiring aliens in eight cities to wear electronic monitors 24 hours a day.

This is actually a bit worse that it appears on the surface (if you can imagine such a thing). Listen to the entire report. I am, to say the least, disturbed. Next, they'll be limiting who can travel based on their political beliefs, race, and/or religion.

Oh, wait.

On a slightly more cheerful note, How to destroy the Earth. (via the Viridian mailing list)


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I heard that report too, and was utterly appalled. Especially by the end of the story where they mentioned that the DHS is thinking about making every immigrant wear them, not just the ones they consider high risk, like that one poor fellow who is trying to hold down a management job, pay taxes, etc., while wearing one.

Gee, I wonder how Arnie would've felt about having to wear an ankle monitor for a year after he got here from Austria...
Yeah, I heard that. I especially like the part about how they seem to have contracted out the monitoring to some private company, which feels it has absolutely no leeway whatsoever. So the guy who'd been working for a restaurant for five years, and been promoted from dishwasher to assistant manager, has to leave work at lunchtime two or three times a week to report in, including the time there was a very important business meeting he really needed to be at.

Because he's a "flight risk." Yeah right. There should be so many flight risks in the criminal justice system.

Excuse me, is that The Internationale I hear playing?
I heard it too, and laughed REALLY HARD at the last line, about making all non-citizens in the US wear them. Because, #1, good fucking luck, honey. #2, I think the retail, restaurant, and movie theatre industries would kind of like to have customers, even after 6pm, and do not care if they are illegal aliens from Mars as long as they have currency. #3, goodbye international tourism.

The really sad part? The ankle bracelet, restrictive meetings and 6pm curfew are the "happy alternative" to total incarceration without recourse to bail, habeas corpus, or any of those other nice Latin phrases we hold so dear.

INS has sucked for a long, looong time; they're just getting more absurdist in their sucking now.
Your response has a gross inaccuracy.

They're called the USCIS now, not the INS (says the evil little furrin national).

Now they suck with more letters.

Yeah, I loved the part of the report where he said folks should be happy that they can get locked in their houses instead of locked into jail. He painted quite a nice and pretty picture of all the grateful little aliens who could have something worse happen to them if they keep complaining.
As the Romans used to say, "Quo Vadis."

A slippery slope indeed.

Devil's Advocate here, but...

Isn't an anklet better than a detention center?

People commenting on this post are mentioning requirements for approved immigrants and 6PM curfews. I read the article and listened to the lead-in to the broadcast, but I didn't see or hear anything about those.
OK, I guess I need to listen to the whole thing...
Drat! Time to shave my ankles, then...

If I were you, I'd flee to Canada. :-P

Heck, it's looking better every day.
My damn dial-up is too slow to listen to this. I'll have to see if I can catch it on the radio.

My seventy-six-year-old mother is still a Swedish citizen. Now this gives her something else to worry about.

Profanity, profanity, profanity.

If they don't do something about this by the time I finish my degree, I am so moving back to Canada. At least I have that option, unlike some.
This is worse than the Tories' proposal over here in the UK that all would-be immigrants be tested for HIV and TB. *sigh*

All those wishing to apply for political refugee status in Canada, raise your hand...
With all due respect, Canada is too damn cold.

I'm determined to make Georgia safe for non-neocons.
My fiance (dual citizen-brit, aussie) is waiting to hear on his visa interview right now. I tell you what, if this gets any more serious than their little "trial run" I think we'll be heading out of the states. I would definately not force my fiance to be monitored like a rapist just so we could live here.

Thank you for posting this. I will definately be keeping an eye out, writing some letters, making some calls.
I can even understand it as long as it's limited to those seeking asylum/appealing deportation. Fine. But the specification that there's a move to apply it to all applicants for permanent resident status... that's terrifying.

Because I can see the next step after that.
That's pretty scary! I wonder if that will apply to people on NAFTA work visas who enter the country from time-to-time on work projects.
Is there a transcript of this anywhere, so that I could send it to my British permanent-resident-in-US mom?

I swear, every time I wake up thinking "I'm really homesick here in New Zealand, maybe someday I'd like to go back to the States" I hear about something like this. Every. Single. Time.
Alas, not to the best of my knowledge.
I heard this story on NPR this morning. I'm not sure whether I'm more appalled by the story itself or by the fact that so far I've heard it *only* on NPR (and now, here). Where's the outrage? Here, yes, but this is a relatively small community. Why aren't there huge headlinesand loud news stories and protests everywhere?
You're probably right. How reassuring. /sarcasm

I would like my country back.
Damn. This was supposed to be in response to your post saying they'd probably only use the ankle-monitoring for all the brown people. Some day I'll figure out how LJ works. :(
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