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about 840 words on Scardown today--750 of that actualy wordcount, and the rest roughing out a few scenes yet to come. One more scene in Chapter 11. ::Jawcracking yawn::

Now I'm off to to research markets. I wonder if I should just hang on to "Wax" until Asimov's clears "Stella Nova." I'm adding that--"Stella Nova"--to my stories to be neurotic about list, because Asimov's has cleared a bunch of stories subbed after I sent that one in, and it looks from The Black Hole like they did a mondo slush blowout about ten days to two weeks ago.

And I just reread the story last night, and I still think it's pretty good. Eeep. I wish I would stop writing short stories. I have too many that I think are pretty good floating around looking for homes, and not enough potential homes to send them to. Oy.

At least there's a longer wait-to-rejection curve on novels.

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