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Post-feminist? I gotchyer post-feminist right here.

Pursuant to a thread over on Electrolite regarding Vox Day, Asshat, I've become tangentially irritated.

Biology is the point of last retreat of bigots in general, and Vox Day in specific, when he's not hiding behind his Christianity. (Aside: I have enough Christian friends and spouses, with whom I agree or disagree politically, that I suspect I have pretty good street cred when I say that if I'm going to attack your political views, it's not because I'm uncomfortable with your religion.)

To wit, and in specific, the Lesser North American Misogynist Bigot (henceforth, referred to for the purposes of this document as "the Asshat") will retreat behind a screen of "but women just aren't as capable at logical tasks/math/physical tasks as men!" (Two centuries ago, there was a minor anthropological cottage industry devoted to proving that blacks had smaller cranial capacities than whites. Unfortunately, it ground to a halt after they kept accidentally proving the opposite. Ooops.)

The general answer of the non-asshat to this assertion is to provide counter-examples. (Women can't be scientists? Tell that to Marie Curie.)

To which the Asshat will reply, "But those are exceptions."

There's a logical disconnect here that we (nominating myself among the non-asshats, because hey, it's my journal) usually fail to exploit. Which is as follows. Assuming we grant the Asshat his logical precepts, his argument ("Women can't be scientists," or, in this case, by extension, "Women can't write science fiction")

--granted, then, that women in general are biologically crippled, frail beings, illogical, cursed by our hormones and our undeveloped brains into being nothing more than baby making machines and romance novelists and slash writers (apologies to the romance novelists and slash writers, male and female, on my flist)--

--granted that we are doomed to be no more than lady novelists, amusing but not to be taken seriously--the amazing thing, after all, is that the bear dances at all--

--what do you do about the exceptions? As there are, apparently, exceptions, women who manage to rise above the biological limitations of our gender to become physicists, science fiction writers, mathematicians, astronomers, engineers--

--and granted that the work of these exceptions is often of value to their colleagues and to humanity as a whole--

--and since you are, after all, a reasonable, superior, intellectually advantaged, civilized, rational male with your big strong muscles and your testosterone and your great big cranium and stuff--

--wouldn't the reasonable, rational thing to do be to support their work, honor their achievements, provide them with the same opportuities as their male colleagues, consider them equals, and in general treat them in a gender-blind fashion, since they've already overcome the huge hurdle of their femininity in getting where they are?

Oh, wait. That presumes that this is actually about my abilities, achievements, and qualifications, and not your fears that possession of a penis alone isn't enough to guarantee your privileged place in society. My mistake. So sorry.

Don't fuck with me, man. I was raised by lesbian construction workers.

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