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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

the health plan nobody will pay me for

My dad informed me that I had to write this paragraph down, so here it is:

"Dogs are all about the chaos. Cats have a more realistic relationship with it; they know it's going to affect their nap."


The health plan nobody will pay me for: If you are physically capable, walk four miles a day. It takes about an hour, and I can personally guarantee you better health, better fitness, better emotional balance, and the ability to run to catch the damned bus without gacking up a lung.

Also, your butt will look sexier.

If you like it, you could send me a nickel. Cheaper than buying the Atkins book, better for you, and at least as effective.


I would be infinitely grateful.

and yes, bicycling. *sigh*....
Where should I send the nickel?
LoL! You could paypal it to me. *g* That might be a lot of work, though. Hang on to it, use it to buy sugar-free bubblegum.
I do two miles almost every day. More or less. I should do more, but then I figure that yelling "Boomer, you idiot cat, get down from there!" as often as I do burns almost as many calories....
And if your butt were any sexier, you'd be a road hazard, anyway.
Hah. Thank you, but hah.

I was a semi-jock as a teenager, so I know what my muscles could do, were the grey matter directing them more willing... but I grow extraordinarily lazy as I age. I don't even want to walk to the bar for a drink -- I demand table service!


Yeah, I was once an athlete too. I'm working back up to it.
I remain a big fan of walking 4 miles a day.

Excellent idea.
*nods vigorously*

Hey, does that count as exercise?
I am *so* not saying the first thing that popped into my head.
I tried walking as exercise but bad knees put an end to it. Must resume biking (recumbent, stationary, needs to be repositioned in front of the good tv).

I did order a second copy of Hammered to fill out my amazon preorder of Scardown and so that I'll have a lending copy.
With my knees (which actually weren't actually all that great to begin with), I wasn't fully committed to a jumping-turning-side-kick and I was still turning forcefully when I landed: This basically disintegrated my ACL (*pop-pop-pop*, fall over, discover knee no longer works) .... but I like the skinned-knee theory. I was always running around and tripping or getting dragged by the dog (he just ran faster and was more coordinated than I was) as a child.

Glad you like the icon (I took the photo myself).
I have bad knees too, but the walking actually helps mine.

Um, jogging, not so much. *g*
Same deal. I can walk fine, but running is quite beyond my knees. Of course, I never had anything like a full ACL blowout. Just some tendon damage and the cartiledge removed from one knee (they tried to sew it back but I'd ripped it twice close to the thick part so they had to take it all out).
I'll take a piece of candy when I come visit....
Hey, what a great health plan!

You know what you should do?

Write a book!
maybe if I included a lot of anecdotes...
Yup - four miles a day is the best exercise. My dogs take me that far most days, including plenty of uphill. I'll pass on running for the bus though, although my knees are fine.
Occasionally I realise that the next bus is due in half an hour. And it's a fine evening, but damn, it's cold.

So I'll just walk to the next busstop to keep warm. And look at that, I'm still twenty minutes ahead of that ruddy bus.

So I walk to the next one - only that's in Hafod and by the time I'm there and still twenty or so minutes ahead of that bus, it doesn't seem worth it really to walk all the way over to Orchard Street to wait for the 12/3 when I could just walk the last couple of miles up that cliff really steep hill to get home.

And still be there before the buses would have got me home and in less than an hour.

It's only the fact that I'm endemically lazy and that it seems a very long way at 2200 that I don't just walk those five or so miles to and from work (making it ~ten in total) every day ;)