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Link salad, and woohoo

misia on International Women's Day. What I would have said, only funnier.

jedediah on Changes in Campbell Award eligibility. This is yours truly's last year of eligibility, so it's not a personal thing, but I have a bunch of friends who are affected and I think in manyways this is an unfelicitous change--as it means that writers with one short story sale to a pro-paying online market, such as SH or ChiZine, are essentially spending their eligibility before they have name recognition.

Right there with ya, Duke, baby.

Also, go read everything annafdd has blogged recently.

buymeaclue is not amazed that SF is going mainstream. Matt Cheney is also not amazed, but slightly more perturbed. Or is he perturbed?

My take on this is that, while art often arises in the ghetto, eventually the rest of the world finds out about it. This is not a bad thing; it's a thing thing. We may get very protective of our jazz or our SFF or our Impressionism, but it eventually has to grow up and leave the nest. And SFF has been out of the ghetto for a while now; I can't be the only one who noticed that The Return of the King wasn't the only fantasy movie nominated fo an Oscar for 2003. (The Cooler was a fantasy too; and a good one.)

Fly, little genre. Fly and be free!

Cosmic strings are back!. (this was in SciAm recently, too.)

Also, I just heard from Andy Cox at TTA Press, and he wants "House of the Rising Sun" for The Third Alternative. Yay! Ladies and gentlement, Elvis has left the building.

Pretty good week, so far.

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