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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Ah, a bear in his natural environment. A Studebaker.

When I was in high school, I decided that my ideal car was a gray 1965 Saab with big hippie Shasta daisies handpainted on the doors and hood and trunk lid. I still don't have one, and suspect I never will.

However, courtesy of my father's smart shopping and some family friends, I am now the proud almost-owner, sight unseen, of a maroon 1982 Mercedes station wagon.


That's right baby. I am a George Carlin routine.

I won't actually get to see the car until I get out to North Carolina to pick it up, but I am amused to own a vehicle that's older than some of my friends.

It looks very much like this one, only maroon. Or very much like this one, only a station wagon. Yes, it is a very silly car, but my last vehicle was a fourteen-year-old Chevy S-10, so I'm immune to mockery.

Naming suggestions are, of course, welcome.

via Jeremy Tolbert, an inordinate fondness for beetles. (cpolk, look, look, lookie.) Ooo, shiiiny.

Sara Donati on book covers and marketing.



(How's that for a truly obscure Muppet reference?)
"And a grasshopper for my friend the frog."

*g* Just don't ask me about anything after The Great Muppet Caper.
"It's not often you see someone that green have the blues that bad..."

I think we saw the Muppet Caper in theatres, too, but after that? Nope. And as far as I'm concerned, the only one that counts is the Muppet Movie. Just a pity the DVD reportedly has such low sound quality, or I'd snap it right up.

Everything always comes back to the Muppet Movie, I think. Just yesterday a delightful discussion was going on in my journal about cliched magic in stories, and someone commented that if magic were possible, no one would create anything technological, because you could already do things easily. And then today someone pointed out that some folks prefer the harder way of doing things, just to see if it could be done. What pops into my head, yesterday and again today?
Gonzo: I'm going to Bombay, India, to become a movie star!
Fozzie Bear: You don't go to Bombay to become a movie star. You go where we're going. Hollywood!
Gonzo: Sure, if you want to do it the easy way.
Did you know, btw, that I am Kermit to kradical's Fozzie? Sad but true.

Anyway. A well-maintained 1982 Mercedes anything should be called "Honey." Even if it is maroon. :-) Drive it in good health and cop-free traffic.

That's somehow appropriate, actually.

I'm more the Animal or Gonzo type, really, depending on my mood, or sometimes Rowlf. But Kermit gets the best lines.

"Honey," huh? *ponders*
All because I once innocently gave him the direction "bear left."
Right, frog.
It's not a silly car! I have a car just like it. 1982 Mercedes Diesel. It's not running right now, but ...

It stinks, it wheezes, it's gutless ... but damn! It's a Mercedes! Nothing like that fine German engineering. Once you've had one you'll never go back.

*g* I take it there's a club?
I hated the idea of getting one ... my husband wanted it. I fought against it every step of the way. But as usual, I came around to his way of thinking. Now, if I could afford it, I'd buy another one.

Wait, where in north carolina? I have a book for you to sign! (and it would be cool to meet you in real life)

Oh and congrats about the car. :)
Hey! I'm in North Carolina too! ^_^

And no mockery from me. I'm a big believer in older cars. They have character. I was very sad when I had to lay my '86 Camaro to rest last year.
Winston-Salem. Is that anyplace near you? and thanks!
About an hour and a half away, not far at all.
I'll keep you posted. *G*
But. But. You promised us a _Studebaker_. I was thinking Avanti, or at least Golden Hawk....

(Hey, I rode in an Avanti once.)
I'm jealous.

The neatest car I've ever actually touched was a Bentley. But I didn't get a ride. *sigh*

It was racing green, though. With running boards.
Bentleys are nice.

Neatest car I ever _drove_ was a Jag XK150. Hey, that sucker would go over 120 mph. How _much_ over, I never found out....

BTW, I owned a 1965 SAAB for a number of years. It was red, though.
I can't think of a good name, but from now on whenever I see a certain shade of red I'm guaranteed to think, "That's MatociqualaMaroon."
And now I am wondering if anybody has named a VW after a Barrayaran butter bug. Or painted one like one.

Hmm. I can't remember whose house livery is maroon. Probably lucky for you that I can't.

going off to ponder car names and to open boxes of beads as a refreshing break from, er, opening boxes of beads already made into things.
LOL! You know I can refuse you nothing...
Considering the color, I'd name it IK :)
Yes, I'm a MFU fan :)
It's not QUITE the same color as the infamous raspberry jacket. *g* I think.

That's funny, though.

You know, Kelly Robinson had a jacket just like it. I figure Del Floria is the only tailor in NYC who doesn't work exclusively for the mob who knows how to cut a coat so it doesn't show a holster. *g* And he got a deal on this mulberry-colored worsted...

All the spies go there.