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I'm such a naughty girl. I just packaged up "Wax" to send to Analog. Lookit me sending fantasy stories to SF markets!

Okay, there's actually a logic behind this: Analog published Randall Garrett's Lord Darcy stories back in the 60's and 70's, and my character, the forensic sorcerer Abigail Irene Garrett is (obviously from the name) something of an homage to Garrett's work.

So it's a likely reject, but maybe it will make Stanley Schmidt laugh.

I also sent a story off to Would That It Were today, which is the first time I've subbed to that market. Which brings up to the milestone: when the story goes in the mail to Analog tomorrow, it will be my 150th submission since I started tracking such things.

That's a lot of postage.

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