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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Oddly enough, just yesterday, I was thinking that it was about time for the ARCs of Scardown to show up.

And here they are. And they look very, very spiffy, as well; full color cover and all.

In other news, (via sclerotic_rings) the BBC is airing a drama concerning itself with an eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano. One of my favorite SF disaster scenarious, only beaten out, currently, by Verneshots.

But a heck of a lot more likely than a Verneshot, cool as Verneshots (theoretically) may be. (This is the attitude, come to think of it, that made Lyda Morehouse point at me during that SF disaster panel and say "This woman is not on our side.")

Or maybe it was when I started dividing disaster novels into "sexy" and "unsexy." *g*


Oops, googled. Got it, sorry.
cool, huh?
Nah, cooler than a Verneshot. Much cooler.

Freaking scary, but cooler.

I don't remember what book I was reading recently, but it had a bit about a geologist walking around yellowstone, trying to find the caldera... and realizing the entire bloody place was a caldera. I was equally horrified and thrilled.

I love a nice disaster scenario.



What's the tagline on the front of _Scardown_ again?

I've seen that fiction. It was like the uberdisasterfiction. Cool.
Ever since seeing how the earth beneath Yellowstone was eating away at one of their parking lots, I've had a healthy respect for the whole area.

It is not a -- comfortable -- place. (And yet the Tetons--which are right next door and certainly would be affected by any large eruption are as peaceful as Yellowstone is uneasy. It's odd, come to think of it.)
What makes a disaster novel 'unsexy'? (Other than the absence of a good car chase, that is.)
Sexy disaster novels have bangs and people recreating civilization from the ruins.

Unsexy disaster novels just have a lot of unsightly dying.

Contrast "Lucifer's Hammer" with "Behemoth: Seppuku" for an example.
Oh! Synchronicity. I just heard a whole radio program on this today. I mean, it was a radio program about how the geologic phenomena at Yellowstone are related to Biblical revelation prophecy, but whatever. I'd never heard of the Yellowstone supervolcano before, and now I'm all fascinated.
I have been tempted to pitch a distaster novel at one of my publishers.

Scenario: plucky geophysics geek realizes Yellowstone is going to blow. Tries to convince TPTB to do something about it. Fails. Yellowstone blows. Survivors (including plucky geek) try to rebuild civilization. Of course they're in Europe, as North America has been depopulated as if by a strategic nuclear exchange ...

Every time I think about starting work on this I realize that for some reason it isn't going to reach about two thirds of my paying audience.
Every time I think about starting work on this I realize that for some reason it isn't going to reach about two thirds of my paying audience.

There's always the German translation rights....