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Oddly enough, just yesterday, I was thinking that it was about time for the ARCs of Scardown to show up.

And here they are. And they look very, very spiffy, as well; full color cover and all.

In other news, (via sclerotic_rings) the BBC is airing a drama concerning itself with an eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano. One of my favorite SF disaster scenarious, only beaten out, currently, by Verneshots.

But a heck of a lot more likely than a Verneshot, cool as Verneshots (theoretically) may be. (This is the attitude, come to think of it, that made Lyda Morehouse point at me during that SF disaster panel and say "This woman is not on our side.")

Or maybe it was when I started dividing disaster novels into "sexy" and "unsexy." *g*

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