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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I know there's some pretty accomplished kerfufflers on my friends-list

...and boy, would I like to see a kerfuffle about this.

Have you heard of the National Alliance? Apparently, neither has the mainsteam media: I had to go to the South Africa Daily News to find a story on this white supremacist group's use of billboards to recruit new members in America's Southwest.

Here's Google's cache of their web page, which appears to have been taken down. Just so you can get from the horse's mouth who these people are.

The Las Vegas billboard, for instance, urged: "Stop Immigration". The one in Salt Lake City declared: "Securing the Future for European Americans".

Here's a very slight mention from Iowa.

But wait. That's not the best part. According to KTNV Ch. 13 Las Vegas: "The group's billboard, by the way, will be up for a year because of a contract it signed with Clear Channel."

That's right. That Clear Channel. Which makes it pretty obvious why this isn't being more aggressively covered, wouldn't you say? And also suggests an angle by which concerned citizens may address the problem. Or, at least, I have to say, if I were in charge of an advertising or public relations budget, I would be very leery of supporting a corporation which apparently condones virulent racism.


Fuckin' dog bone fuck.

Mind if I link to this?
Hmmm... they have another site:

That's why it's up here. *g* Link away. Propogate, even
I've heard of 'em. In fact, earlier today some guy from the Southern Poverty Law Center was talking about 'em today on NPR.
Iowa, eh? My state? Well, damn.

We'll fight them on the shores, we'll fight them in the air.

Virulent racism is a popular hobby here on Planet Utah.
That sounds about right for CheapChannel. Of course, they'll claim to be objective about those offers, but it's always amazing how any group to the left of the Klan can't get billboard space on Dallas' CheapChannel billboards. (I don't even want to talk about how the Dallas Morning News spiked the story of ClearChannel's involvement with the Body Solutions weight loss scam: if you lived in Dallas, you'd never know how far it went.)
They've been around a long time. I think I heard of them and Zundel in 1983 or 1984.
ClearChannel is a right-wing corporation that owns lots of US radio stations, which have in common very limited music selections.

Clear Channel

People need to learn more about Clear Channel. They are far more of a threat to our way of life than is the National Alliance.

Re: Clear Channel

No kidding.

Chelsea's Canadian, however. *g* She gets a pass on the Evile that is Clear Channel and their orbital mind control lasers.
National Alliance has been around for a long time, but billboards?

I dunno. I have a problem with a group whose grasp of geography is so shaky they don't think Spain is in Europe......
Hell, i live in South africa, and I've never heard of them.

My Nazi radar goes on the moment I hear the word "national" in connection with a political party. The National Party ruled here for years (of course, now they've cleverly renamed themselves The NEW National Party - which makes it all better)

I'd like to see the story in the South Africa Daily News, if you still have the link. I had a look but I couldn't find it.
*g* It's the second link there.
*slaps self*
Can you post this to NikkiNewsNet?
Consider it done.
The Courant carried a wire service story about this a couple of weeks ago. It was burried well back in section A, but it was there . . . And it completely creeped me out.
What next? We'll get a President who starts wars with little, non-threatening nations for political gain? Oh, wait....