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I know there's some pretty accomplished kerfufflers on my friends-list

...and boy, would I like to see a kerfuffle about this.

Have you heard of the National Alliance? Apparently, neither has the mainsteam media: I had to go to the South Africa Daily News to find a story on this white supremacist group's use of billboards to recruit new members in America's Southwest.

Here's Google's cache of their web page, which appears to have been taken down. Just so you can get from the horse's mouth who these people are.

The Las Vegas billboard, for instance, urged: "Stop Immigration". The one in Salt Lake City declared: "Securing the Future for European Americans".

Here's a very slight mention from Iowa.

But wait. That's not the best part. According to KTNV Ch. 13 Las Vegas: "The group's billboard, by the way, will be up for a year because of a contract it signed with Clear Channel."

That's right. That Clear Channel. Which makes it pretty obvious why this isn't being more aggressively covered, wouldn't you say? And also suggests an angle by which concerned citizens may address the problem. Or, at least, I have to say, if I were in charge of an advertising or public relations budget, I would be very leery of supporting a corporation which apparently condones virulent racism.

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