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nam myoho renge kyo

Worldwired has an Amazon listing now, poor naked little thing that it is.

Oh, look, and a Chapters listing, too.

I wonder when those went up. The web page updating thing never ends. At least, I hope it never ends....

Now, see, here's an interesting thing, and a chance to nattr on a little about publishing. Both of these list the release date as "November 28th, 2005," or, in other words, "December 2005" for purposes of the publishing industry. (Hammered was a January 2005 title, released December 28th, 2004. Scardown is a July 2005 title, released June 28th, 2005. See how this works?)

Now, the interesting thing is that as far as I knew, Worldwired was a January 2006 title. This is the first I've heard of a change--and actually, I can't entirely be sure that there's a change. Amazon and Chapters could be wrong.

Although if there is a change, it's nice news. For one thing, it means I get my on-publication payments a little sooner. (A paltry sum, aye, but it keeps me in cat food.) For another, it might mean that Bantam thinks there's enough demand for the book that it was worth pushing it into an open slot in November, a five-month gap as opposed to a six-month gap.

Or, yanno, it could just mean that they discovered that they'd overbooked (groan) the January list, but had a spot they could stick me in the month before, and since I delivered ahead of deadline I got the lucky straw. So to speak. (Like Mae West, I like to see how I'm doing.)

One of the interesting things about working with a publisher is trying to figure out what they think of you. *g* Do they really think you're worth putting promotional money behind? Are they telling you they love you while calling up your agent behind your back to bitch about the dog's breakfast of a manuscript you just delivered? It's enough to make a girl pull out the divining rods. Or her hair. Or both.

I've been extraordinarily lucky so far, both with Bantam, and the push they've put behind my books, and with my relationship with my editor (whom I adore), and even with the cover art. It's not what I woud have chosen, but it's bright and modern-looking and pretty and it jumps off a shelf, and it appears to be getting the book into the right hands.and that is, after all, what cover art is intended to do.

I'm starting to relax into my powerlessness, I think.Ommm. Write the next book. Ommmmmmmm. I have enough fantasy in stock; I need to write some SF. Ommmmmmmmmmmmm. (I'm a write on spec writer rather than a write on proposal writer, generally speaking. I write fast enough that by the time I get excited enough about a book to figure out how it hangs together, I could have the damned book written by the time a publisher gets back to me on a proposal. This may, of course, change as time goes by and my backlog of unsold manuscripts (hopefully) subsides. But for now, I'm writing ahead. Which is actually kind of nice.)

It's something of a mantra for me: if a writer isn't neurotic going in, she will be by the time the industry is done with her. Which is not an excuse for acting like a drama queen, but, yanno, we all have our days.

Right. Shower. And then we take a crack at the book.

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