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leaning on my shovel for a moment

T.M. Wagner review of Hammered at SF He has mixed emotions:

Then something remarkable happens. Before you know it, Bear has rolled up her "Yes I'm derivative and proud of it!" banner, stowed it away, and gotten down to the business of putting her own talents on display.

--but seems to have liked it overall. And he (she? drat these pronouns, anyway) would like Valens to be more villainous. Alas, Valens isn't particularly villainous. Ruthless, yes.Quite possibly evil. But not particularly villainous. Just ask him.

coffeeandink was less impressed.


One thing I have learned from reading reviews is that you can't write the book that everybody expects to read. Or, more precisely, you can write the book you think you're writing--but it's going to be a different book depending on who reads it, and what they're looking for when they go in.

And the book they read, whether they like it or not, is just as valid as the book you wrote. The fact that it's a different book (the reader's 50%) doesn't enter into it.

I can't wait to see the reviews on A Companion to Wolves, assuming we sell it. Maybe I should just institute a policy of not reading my own press when that one comes out.

It doesn't matter; whatever you put out there is going to be the very best book you can possibly write. And no matter what you do, it's not going to work for more than half of the people who read it. Which is a pretty terrifying statistic, but there you go.

It's why, in the end analysis, you have to write for yourself, rather than an audience. (Well, you don't have to, but I find it helps.)

Which means that right now, I have to write this stupid feminist/postfeminist queer/postqueer antidystopiastablishmentarian sociological hard SF spy thriller, and keep it from turning into any of: The Golden Witchbreed, Voorloper, "When it Changed," The Snow Queen, or And Brightness Falls From The Air.

Yeah, it's one of those books. And I need a Carnival icon.

*gets the shovel*

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