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bear by san

March 2017



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phil ochs troubador

Tiptree Results are up:

Camouflage by Joe Haldeman, and Not Before Sundown (Troll) by Johanna Sinisalo.

The short list:

A.S. Byatt, Little Black Book of Stories (Chatto and Windus 2003; Knopf 2004);
L. Timmel Duchamp, Love's Body, Dancing in Time (Aqueduct Press 2004);
Carol Emshwiller, "All of Us Can Almost…" (SciFiction 11/17/04);
Nancy Farmer, Sea of Trolls (Atheneum 2004);
Eileen Gunn, Stable Strategies and Others (Tachyon Press 2004);
Gwyneth Jones, Life (Aqueduct Press 2004);
Jaye Lawrence, "Kissing Frogs" (Fantasy & Science Fiction, May 2004)

Conga-rats to all! (and thanks to chance88088 for finding the list for me when I moped)


Two days ago. Two days ago! :p
you mean six days ago! six days ago! :P
But still not up on either the Tiptree page or the Wiscon page.

*g* I rely on my valued minions to keep track of the industry for me. Just because you lot are all slackers and didn't mention it anywhere useful to me--
Ssh! You weren't supposed to point that out. :p
I don't get it. I'm in the middle of Sea of Trolls and it's utterly horrid.
The idea of Joe attending WisCon is amusing. Except the ceremony's at Gaylaxicon this year.

So trolls were the in metaphor for gender issues last year and we all missed it?
Charles Coleman Finlay's troll book comes out this year, too.

It's a minor troll renaissance.

I'm going to miss the wave, though, because my trolls won't see print for Some Time. Alas.
Just think--Joe Haldeman in a tiara. That's even better than John Kessel in a tiara.
I loved the fact that they couldn't pry that sucker off Matt Ruff's head. *g*
The Tiptree is definitely the most fun awards ceremony there is. The Oscars should take lessons.
It is.

It's the only award that I actually really want to win. All the others I can take or leave, but I would *love* a Tiptree. *g*
they couldn't pry that sucker off Matt Ruff's head

Tell! Tell!
Oh, it was just that every time I saw him, for the rest of the weekend, he was wearing the tiara. At his signing... in the hall.... *g*

I think he liked it.
I can definitely see you in a Tiptree tiara...

maybe they take bribes.
I must go find that troll book, the Sinisalo one.

And I may have to make some demi-tiaras (dimi-tiarae?) for people to practice with. Early Draft Tiaras, that sort of thing.
Given my hair (slick and straight enough that it's bobby-pin proof), I'd love to see them try to get the tiara to stay in place on my head!

But, you know. It is a very big inducement. Even before I knew you and knew your work, I was like, oo. Tiara.

I was like, oo. Tiara.

A tiara is just the thing sometimes. Other times, a cigar is just... oh, never mind.

I knew it was all going to work when I was standing in the banquet hall amidst the crowd, watching Molly Gloss be photographed, and a male writer in the crowd near me said, "I wanna wear that!"

Oh, a Potlatch anecdote for you: Steven Schwartz bought a necklace from me, the one called "Souvenir of Ste. Seraphine's Fence," and came back into the dealers' room within the hour, with an odd look on his face. "I need to congratulate you for making gender-bending jewelry," he said.

"Oh?" I replied wittily.

"Yes. I knew the phenomenon existed, but this is the first time I have personally experienced having everybody talk to my chest."

I am thinking of making loaner necklaces specifically to share this experience.