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a river runs through it, starring Claude Rains

Just in case you thought maybe you could trust the gummint:

We're all shocked to discover evidence that geological surveys performed during the planning stages of the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository in 1998 and 2000 may have been intentionally falsified.

Shocked. Shocked, I tell you. Can't even blame the Bush administration for this one; guess the dems will have to shoulder it on their own.

The portion of the reports that the scientist apparently lied about involved computer modeling for water infiltration and climate at Yucca Mountain.

(This is about 90 miles from my house. On the same watershed. In earthquake country. You understand why I might be somewhat concerned.)

"And while those against the project hope this new information will kill it for good, the DOE says plans for the Yucca Mountain nuclear repository will still move forward."

Sure. Because the only person involved in falsifying these documents was the Masked Geologist, just like the only people involved in the prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib were three national guardsmen and a chimp.

Tune in next week, where you'll hear Oscar the Grouch Mayor say something even wackier than "They haven't been playing with a full deck and I think now they're being exposed, they're caught with their pants down."


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