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progress notes for 19 March 2005


New Words: 2101
Total Words: 16,925
Pages: 80
Reason for stopping: Gotta slush, gotta dance-- also, day job things to do.
Mammalian Assistance: Marlowe on my chest, and significant dogpoking, as well as an under-desk mastiff
Stimulants: lemon zinger tea
Exercise: none yet, but I'll do yoga if we don't walk.
Mail: Nolove from F&SF. Also, another Hammered blog review, this one by Christiana Ellis, who is overall favorable, but I lost her in the bushes on a few plot points. Darn bushes. There's a fine art to balancing making the bushes look natural, and trimming them back enough so the passers-by can see the scenery. And getting it right is a lifelong process. (this one also contains spoilers)

And, contrariwise to yesterday's entry, this is the thing that keeps me writing, by the way--the general sensation that somewhere, somebody enjoys the stories that keep pushing pushing pushing in the back of my head. I suspect this works for most writers. 'Cause most of us sure don't do it for the money.

I kind of wish I did do it for the money. 'Cause I could use the money, if there were that much forthcoming. *g*

Tyop du jour: a starling extravagance (or) The murmur of conversation swelled and dropped as they patched each cluster of bystanders
Darling du jour: Penthesilea sprawled and spiked behind him, embraced by the green crescent arms of the bay.
Books in progress: Ed Sanders, Tales of Beatnik Glory; Neal Stephenson, Quicksilver
Interesting research fact of the day: when it rains, Death Valley blooms
Other writing-related work: I did a paper edit of an older story, "Stella Nova," inspired by a conversation with hernewshoes. Mostly just tidying some--my sentence-level and expository skills have improved a bit in the last few years. Also, I figured out a plot point for Whiskey & Water, which is of course not the book I'm working on. Also, slush. Slushing now. Watch me slush!

And I figured out several scenes in Carnival, ahead of where I'm writing now, and a couple of major plot points.. So yay!
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