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Hammered Elizabeth Bear, huh?

I got this game from Celia, who got it from Jed Hartman (see her lj and his for links and an explanation of how to play). It's sweeping the blogosphere.

So far, from the OWW:

Shapeshifters Quest Dena Landon
Made Kathryn Allen (sounds like a mobster, donnit? Or maybe I'm bragging....)
Charlie Finlay, Seal Hunter
To Sleep Perchance To Dream Chris Coen
The Ill-Made Mute Cecelia Dart-Thornton (one begins to question how)
Karin Lowachee, Warchild
Larry West, Maiden Warrior (too good to pass up)
Pinned Hannah Wolf Bowen
Delete Leah Bobet

From the wider world:

Light M. John Harrison (M. John Harrison Light?) Tastes great! Less filling!
Blue Light Walter Mosley (no comment)
More Than Human Theodore Sturgeon
Dune Frank Herbert (ya gotta say that one out loud,and slur it a little.)
The Girl, The Gold Watch and Everything John D. MacDonald
The Return of the King J.R.R. Tolkein
King Rat China Mieville
What do You Care What Other People Think, Richard Feynman? (A valid question....)
Wet Grave Barbara Hambly (needs some punctuation...)

And from the narcissism files:
Almost True Elizabeth Bear
Ice Elizabeth Bear (ouch!)
Wax Elizabeth Bear (Maybe better do that, then ice. Double ouch!)
Speak Elizabeth Bear (one word titles good...)
and, using upcoming projects as well:

Elizabeth Bear, the Stratford Man

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