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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

God bless you, Mr. Varley.

"The Manhattan Phone Book (Abridged)" is available online.

This is one of those stories that is seared into my DNA. It was published, IIRC, in 1984, and I read it first in Blue Champagne, which I consider a must-read science fiction collection. Varley doesn't write much, but he sure as hell writes good.

And if you think it isn't relevant today, you're not extending the metaphor, as they say.

This is the only true after-the-bomb story you will ever read.

(This is why, sometimes, breaking every rule there is to break will win you awards. But first, you must know what you are doing. And every time I start thinking I know what I'm doing, I read a little Varley, and it passes.)


Yep. One of my favorites. Real power in that.
Yeah, that.

What amazes me about it is that it breaks every rule there is...

...and fogs my fucking contacts anyway.

Man's good.

I discovered Varley either with "The Persistence of Vision" or "Press Enter."

These two stories were my introduction to John Varley.

After that I had to work my way backwards through his earlier work and keep an eye out for new work. No choice.

Damned good stuff.
Jesus, that's brilliant.

every time I start thinking I know what I'm doing, I read a little Varley, and it passes.

You too, eh?
Yeah. If he doesn't work, there's always Sturgeon, but at least Sturgeon is dead.
Before life got all weird at me, I was planning on going to ConDor for the first time just because John Varley was GoH. I *never* attend a con solely for the GoH, but John Varley...oh...
That would do it for me, too.

I'm so pleased he put that story online.
I really wish you hadn't posted that. It's too damned good.

I didn't get enough sleep last night. I came in and found our network was down. And now this.

I think I need chocolate.
John Varley is, I think, my all-time favorite science fiction writer. I cut my teeth on Titan, then quickly finished that trilogy. But it was his short stories that really snared me. There is a simultaneous joy and despair in reading his stuff. I really admire him for that.

This story in particular is amazing in how it matter-of-factly demolishes the central conceit to almost every disaster story ever written.
Adore Varley. Blue Champagne was a remarkable collection.


I knew there was a reason I kept a copy of _The Ophiuchi Hotline_ in my personal library for so many years. Thanks for the reminder. Devastating doesn't begin to describe the impact of that story. Freakin' brilliant barely scratches the surface.

Just visiting here, no lj account, thinking of making myself a t-shirt that says, "no lj, no cellphone, no problems."
visitors are welcome too...

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