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Not like that, oh no--not so black and white--

Addictions collide: stillsostrange, buymeaclue, and others--

Marianne Faithfull's new album Before the Poison also features Nick Cave & P.J. Harvey. Just, yanno saying. Also, I love that cover. It makes me want to write a Wicked Stepmother story. (I wrote a Wicked Sorceress story, but never sold it. Alas, it never quite fired on all eight. Maybe I should post it to the fiction journal.)

In other news, we went to see a midnight showing of Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory last night. I'd never seen it on the big screen before. It was a damaged print, alas, but gosh, Gene Wilder really was madly brilliant. It's all the subtle little stuff--the very static pose followed by the lingering facepalm when Veruca Salt goes on her rampage, for example.

Also, I can make a pretty good case for the movie as a sorceror's duel, using the children as proxies. (And in the end, the wicked Wonka defeats and enslaves the wicked Slugworth--)

Tell me Wonka's agency in that movie isn't creeeeepy. I had somehow forgotten that he's Saaaataaaaaan. He seduces and destroys children, and then lectures them about it. And it's all so totally a setup--temptations carefully designed for each little cherub. Notice how there are fewer seats on every mode of transport, and only two four cleansuits at the end? He's plotting their destruction!

And then he gets all creepy child molestor at the end, and plans to reshape Charlie in his own image. And Granpa Joe smiles on benignly...

And they travelled into the depths of hell, the voices of the oompa loompas a mocking chorus sealing their doom...

However, I have conceived of a powerful desire to own a purple velvet tailcoat.

It's a good news day; Ellen Datlow just let me know she would like my postapocalyptic Road Warrior just-barely-a-novelette "And the Deep Blue Sea" for SCIFICTION. So I have to read it over today and see what needs to be changed. (Stories undergo a transformation once they sell; I can suddenly see all these things that suck now, that didn't, before.)
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