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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Now It Can Be Told

I'm Campbell-nominated. Which is, any way you look at it, pretty damned cool.

ETA: coalescent is first on my block with the Hugo nom list, warblogging from the BSFA.


ETA: The full list at PLOKTA:


progress notes for 26 March 2005


New Words: n/a lots of handwork and paper editing/rewriting
Total Words: n/a
Pages: n/a
Reason for stopping: continuing on!
Mammalian Assistance: dogpoking. The great dane, she loves me. the cat, he sits on my hands.
Stimulants: ceylon tea. need more. more tea
Exercise: none yet.
Mail: Ellen loves me! Also, The Mumpsimus says various insightful things about Hammered (some of them true enough to sting a little--he caught one particular failure of mine which I elaborated on in comments, which nobody else has quite twigged to yet) and he was also betrayed by the marketing. Also, um, he gets it. Yay for getting it! Yay for unreliable narrators! Yay for very smart critics! Yay!
Tyop du jour: work of mouth (um, yeah, ahem)
Darling du jour: n/o
Books in progress: Ed Sanders, Tales of Beatnik Glory; Neal Stephenson, Quicksilver
Interesting research tidbit of the day: Melbourne has hot air balloons
Other writing-related work: Reread "And the Deep Blue Sea" and poked at it just a little. *sits on hands* Also, critted a story for stillsostrange. Part of the not-very-subtly-interrelated Lovecraftian Monster Apologist Cycle. *g*


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Humbly bows down and basks in your reflected glory.

Congratulations and good luck. (and get ready to quit your day job)
Hey, wow. Congrats.
Outstanding! And yep, lay aside your imposter syndrome blues.
Thank you!

And thank you for the plug. *g* I'll try to live up to it.
I'd say something witty or charming, but I'd rather just SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

*happy hugs*
*bounce bounce* CONGRATS! That is so COOL.
Congrats! It's well deserved.

Congrats! That's just awesome!

I read the Mumpisimus review this morning. I found that he and I disagreed in one area where I definitely sided with most of the other reviews I've seen -- good as the character development/exposition at the beginning was, the plot kicking in is what moves everything else forward.

And wait -- Jenny's unreliable? *gasp*
She's not always as honest--or even as clever--as she likes to pretend she is. *g* Actually, that's one of the reason for thefirst person/third person narrative: she's not the bullshit artist say, Zelazny's Corwin is, but she is charismatic, and I wanted to show that she's... biased. *g*
That is so WOW! Congratulations!


Wow! You are so the woman!!

Congratulations :-)

The Mumpsimus commentary was very cool and (since I get it in my news reader) I came over here to tell you about it, but see that you are way ahead of me (dang, so many people are :-)

Good luck with the Campbell. Looks like there's a nice assortment of newer writers in the list of Hugo nominees, which I'm really pleased to see.

Thanks. *g*

And yeah, I think my trap worked on Matt. That made my day!
Fingers crossed!

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