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Now It Can Be Told

I'm Campbell-nominated. Which is, any way you look at it, pretty damned cool.

ETA: coalescent is first on my block with the Hugo nom list, warblogging from the BSFA.

ETA: The full list at PLOKTA:

progress notes for 26 March 2005


New Words: n/a lots of handwork and paper editing/rewriting
Total Words: n/a
Pages: n/a
Reason for stopping: continuing on!
Mammalian Assistance: dogpoking. The great dane, she loves me. the cat, he sits on my hands.
Stimulants: ceylon tea. need more. more tea
Exercise: none yet.
Mail: Ellen loves me! Also, The Mumpsimus says various insightful things about Hammered (some of them true enough to sting a little--he caught one particular failure of mine which I elaborated on in comments, which nobody else has quite twigged to yet) and he was also betrayed by the marketing. Also, um, he gets it. Yay for getting it! Yay for unreliable narrators! Yay for very smart critics! Yay!
Tyop du jour: work of mouth (um, yeah, ahem)
Darling du jour: n/o
Books in progress: Ed Sanders, Tales of Beatnik Glory; Neal Stephenson, Quicksilver
Interesting research tidbit of the day: Melbourne has hot air balloons
Other writing-related work: Reread "And the Deep Blue Sea" and poked at it just a little. *sits on hands* Also, critted a story for stillsostrange. Part of the not-very-subtly-interrelated Lovecraftian Monster Apologist Cycle. *g*

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