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Today's misheard lyric that was better the other way: "Slide, slide, Lucifer fell down / all the way to Baltimore and running out of time." (this misheard lyric special for misia)

progress notes for 27 March 2005


New Words: 2417 (that's two days' worth)
Total Words: 22,271
Pages: 104
Reason for stopping: End of scene I was revising, and the next two scenes need to be written from scratch. I'm not sure the crappy expositional dialogue is any better, but there's more of it

How is it that I seem to be able to just... leave huge pieces of story elsewhere? Also, I have discovered something ELSE annoying about this book. Not only does it refuse to be written in order, it wants to be written largely in longhand and then typed up. Bleh.
Mammalian Assistance: Marlowe stopped by.
Stimulants: herbal tea, and not nearly enough of it.
Exercise: walking and gothercise
Mail: Nice review of Hammered by leahbobet on the Bakka Books site.
Tyop du jour: "We don't animals," he said negligently. (Really, no way that could be funnier if I tried.)
Darling du jour: Kusanagi-Jones... gritted his teeth into an answering smile.
Books in progress: Ed Sanders, Tales of Beatnik Glory; Neal Stephenson, Quicksilver
Interesting research tidbit of the day: my spellchecker knows Circe, but not Medea.
Other writing-related work: Two subs packaged up. And oh look, there's slush. I'll get right on that... tomorrow.
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