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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

(via nikkinewsnet) I keep telling people, we need more canings in the Senate. Nothing like a good bench-clearing brawl to get people interested in politics.

progress notes for 30 March 2005


New Words: 1574

Michelangelo only thinks of himself by his first name when he's either wandering around a museum, or having sex. I swear, I take no responsibility for these characters. None at all.

Total Words: 27,119
Pages: 125. Well, that's a solid quarter of a book any way you look at it. Here comes the middle. And look, there's the 30K wall, right on time.
Reason for stopping: Now, unfortunately, I need to figure out what my backbrain is planning to do with all the jigsaw pieces it's moved onto the board.
Mammalian Assistance: The dogs came in and danced with me, although I accidentally bonked Signy on the head twice, because she WILL sneak up behind me and try to shove her head under my hand while I'm swinging my arms around in my own personal high-energy version of the White Man's Overbite. Also, Marlowe is being molested by Mith. (Guys, you're both neutered... oh, nevermind. It's spring,and that's what I get for naming a cat Marlowe.)
Stimulants: tea, earl grey, not as hot as I would like
Exercise: yoga, gothercise, and weights
Mail: nolove from Chizine
Tyop du jour: n/a
Darling du jour: n/a
Books in progress: Ed Sanders, Tales of Beatnik Glory; Neal Stephenson, Quicksilver
Interesting research fact of the day: too soon to tell
Other writing-related work: Just about to start reading leahbobet's story--as soon as I wash off the stink.


"Mail: nolove from Chizine"

Hey, ship us that horror story you emailed me about.
Can't until it comes back from the other market. *g*
If it comes back. Heh.

Other publishers should bloody well realize how unrealistic it is to have a no-sim-subs policy, damnit. We don't get to it in time and it sells to another market? Our loss. Period. Writers have to deal with enough second-class-employment bullshit without heaping this onto them, as well. Especially given the inordinate amount of time a lot of these no-sim-subs markets hold onto authors' stories. Fuck that shit, says me.


And you know what? In six years of running ChiZine, I've never ONCE lost a story to another market that I was about to accept. Never. It's possible, of course, but the likelihood is so slim, it's certainly not worth cutting off a writer's possible avenues of publishing because of it.

I don't know what these markets' justification is for keeping up this ridiculous policy.


If I'd read a story, loved it, wanted to publish it, and was just about to make an offer on it when it got swiped from right under my nose, if I really wanted it, I'd go to my limit to offer that person more money than they would have gotten at the other market.

Same shit goes on all the time in the real world of business, so why the fuck not in writing!? IT MAKES NO SENSE.

Thank you. I am done. ;-)
Sir, I love you. *g*

And I suspect you've never lost a story because you're so damned fast.
True dat. We're really truly one of those markets where the more time passes without your hearing anything (only up to three months, of course) the better the chances of acceptance. Otherwise, yeah, Mike and Paul (Mike especially) will bounce you fast enough to make your head spin. *laughs*

I think more editors ought to be writers themselves so that they know where writers are coming from on a lot of these issues. Suffer for a while (like I do!) on the other end of the stick and see how fast some of these antiquated policies suddenly reverse themselves.

And for any editor/writer reading this right now and saying "Well, I don't allow sim subs!": Shame on you.

Hmm, too bad I have a guest editorial all set to go for the next issue of ChiZine; I could do a big ol' rant on sim-sub policies and watch the message boards fill up with vitriol on both sides of the argument!

Oh, and I love you, too. ;-)
Didn't you already publish an editorial about starting up a zine that mentioned that editors should allow sim subs?
Hmm, could have! Guess I don't need to do it again, then! Heheh. ;-)
Hmm, maybe it wasn't you who wrote the editorial, but I'm pretty sure it was Chizine that published it. It might have been last summer.