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In which Bear gives in and plays with the wordmeter toy

Friday is my Saturday. So of course I dragged myself out from under the cats at 6:30, because the phone was ringing. Alas. The cats were displeased. It's just chilly enough at night that I have the windows open for the cross breeze (it will soon be too hot for that trick) and this apparently means that Bears under covers provide a welcome heat source for the Feline Plurality in the house. And they have no objections about rearranging me to suit themselves.

Also, the dog steals the covers. He has a very good trick for this--he stands next to the bed, and when he lies down, he sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiides down the foot of the bed, pulling the covers off me and onto the floor.

Also, woke up sneezing blood this morning, announcing the advent of olive pollen season. They don't look particularly offensive, do they? But the little bastards are vicious. We hates them.

I never had allergies in my life (except for a skin allergy to oak leaves, which give me eczema when I handle them in a decayed form for a long period of time--fresh ones seem to be fine). I'm immune to poison ivy (so far, fingers crossed) and a good thing, too, as I once did a faceplant into a patch of it, and I never suffered hay fever before I moved to Nevada. My first two summers here were a misery; there were literally days when I couldn't see, my allergies were so bad.

Thankfully, my naturally robust immune system appears to have adapted to the olive trees and the fruitless mulberries (the other big offender here) so these days, I just get the bloody nose and occasional bleeding from the ears.

Of course, that might be the cats exercising their mind control powers on me overnight. Maybe I should start sleeping in my tinfoil cap.

I was doing that four AM schedule for too long. 6:30 feels like an astounding sleep-in. Slugabed! Sluuuug!



Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
27,144 / 120,000

Whiskey & Water

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
12,907 / 160,000

It would appear I have some work to do.

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