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Stewing time

487 words on Scardown today, and not much else. Plot advancement has occured, which is something, and I'm not too worried about the rate of completion--almost 60K manuscript (hit page 236 today) since I started working on it seriously in February is a very good rate of progress around the dayjob. And getting mugged by short stories every ten minutes, it seems. At least I no longer have that feeling like novels are bursting out of my head almost unstoppably. That was exhausting.


Time for some statistics.

Since 1 January 2003:

Wordcount in 2003: ~125K
Best day: 5,410 words
Worst day(s. heh): 0 words
Average words per day: 1,341

Novels completed in draft: 1 (Bridge of Blood & Iron)
Novel drafts edited: 3 (Bridge of Blood & Iron, Hammered, All the Windwracked Stars)
Novel drafts begun: 2 (Scardown, Between the Bones/A Treacher of Princes)
Novel ideas poked at: 2 (All Come to Dust, The Stratford Man)

Novels submitted: 1 complete, 1 first fifty (Hammered, Bridge of Blood & Iron)
Novels sold: 0
Novels rejected: 0

Short stories completed: 7 ("Love-in-Idleness," "Los Empujadores Furiosos," "One-Eyed Jack and the Suicide King," "Sleeping Dogs Lie," "The Train They Call The City," "Wane," "Formidable Terrain.")
Short stories trunked or abandoned: 2 ("Madame Dunsany's Salon," "Haggard")
Short Stories under construction: 2 ("One-Eyed Jack and the Steel-Driving Men," "On Safari in R'lyeh & Carcosa with Gun & Camera")
Poems completed: 1 ("Death of a Randall Garrett Gunner")

Short story, poem, and excerpt submissions: 34
Short story, poem, and excerpt rejections: 22
Short story, poem, and excerpt rewrite requests: 3
Short story, poem, and excerpt sales: 3 (all semipro this year so far.)
Short story, poem, and excerpts still pending: 15, of which 13 are at pro-paying markets
Short stories not in circulation due to lack of available markets: 2

Total submissions currently out: 17


So I have got rather a lot done this year, really. Even when I feel like I haven't. Now, to get some more of these little boys and girls to come home wagging paychecks behind them!

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