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Rejection score as of 5:10 PDT 4/29/03: 0

The scary thing about email subs is that you *never know* when the terror will descend upon you. You're not limited to only being neurotic until the nomailman arrives. You can get up at three AM if you like and see if the editors were working late.

Ahhh, the information age.

Reread and edited and made notes and shuffled scenes in the first 100 pages of Scardown today. Resolved a couple of plot hiccups, and figured out a couple of future plot developments. I may read another 100 pages tonight. So there will be no actual word count today, bit I allot myself 1K of virtual wordcount for editorial chores.

The Scardown draft is all lumpy and stuff is in the wrong places and I have a few plot inconsistencies/continuity problems, but the arc seems pretty strong, and the characters hold up to inspection. And my drafts are getting better on a sentence level.

And I know where it ends.

After I slush (because today is slushing day--pass the bourbon) I will tackle somemore reading, and start thinking about a scene by scene outline for the second half of the book. This one is getting too complicated to wing it. I'm losing threads. :-)

Darn political intrigue novels. Darn them to heck.
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