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Courtesy of electrolyte and most especially whumpdotcom,

My Unitarian Jihad Name is:

Sister Neutron Bomb of Warm Humanitarianism.

Get yours.

Revelation today regarding Whiskey & Water: You know, this dratted book has an awful lot of stuff in it. Now I understand why it wanted omni. If I was trying to do this in 3pl, I'd be here all week. I've only got 160,000 words to do this in. You would think that would seem like a lot, but it doesn't.

Oh, and in further proof that books are cats, Carnival started to put out again today. Five or six pages of handwritten notes and dialogue, and I figured out the solution to the Tricky Social, Moral, and Ethical Problem which I have posed my protagonists. Alas, it's of a species with "Take off, nuke the species from orbit, it's the only way to be sure."

Um. Anyway, Octavia Butler would be proud. Apparently I am writing satire, because I don't actually think that mind-controlling an entire species into ethical behavior is necessarily a good idea.

Most days, that is.

So I'm not really fond of the solution I'm positing, but so far it's the best one I've got. This is probably a side-effect of my tendency to plot novels by breaking things until I can't find a way to get the protagonists/planet/multiverse out alive, and then going "Okay, guys. Have at it."

Ah well. I knew this was going to be a depressing book.

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