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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

New Amazon page layout.



Yeah, but the button that says "Add to Wedding Registry" is great.
Isn't it just?
*g* At least I'm not going for a penny a pop yet.

Five dollar! Love you long time!
I own my copy of Hammered at new bookstore prices, thank you very much, but can I beat Millhouse Van Houten stenuously about the head and shoulders on your behalf? Who topped off his snark tank?


You must be one of the people who is not getting the scary page layout. I wonder if it's only some browsers.

Sometime today, in my copy of Firefox, at least, I discovered that the Amazon page layout had changed to ENORMOUS BOOK COVER DOMINATING THE RIGHT HALF OF THE SCREEN.


As for Millhouse Van Houten, he's is none other than our own nihilistic_kid. (Hi, Nick! *waves*) I suppose we could arrange a boffer combar for charity at ComiCon or something. That might be kind of cool....

The whole selling through my advance thing kind of took the sting out of his review, though. *g*
My eyes don't *go* that far left on the screen. I keep having to mentally hit "margin release" and backspace-backspace-backspace, turning my head to the side as if that will put the text in the center of my field of vision. It's very alarming. I bet the design is not so alarmingly left of center when I view it from work, where the screens are set to 800x600. (800x600 feels *so* late nineties to me.)
It looks pretty damned alarming to me, too.
Interesting. The link put me through to the (previously) standard page in Safari, so I had to open IE to see (so to speak) what the fuss was about.
It looks normal in both Netscape and IE to me... maybe they fixed it?
Wonder what I'm doing wrong right? In both Firefox and IE6 I get the old tolerable layout. Unless the change is really subtle and I'm missing the clue-by-four.
your cookies are probably still the old ones or something.
Um, let me guess. Would that be your eyes? *g*

Also, cool icon!
Thank you. *g* It's my favorite piece of art in the whole wide world.
I got that layout yesterday, hated it intensely, and was very glad to have it revert to the old design today. Sometimes they run new layouts and features just to test them and get feedback on them; I hope they got lots of negative feedback on this one, because it was just painful to look at.
Yep, last week a bunch of web designers were talking about this. They seem to be expanding the tests this week.
That new layout looks like serious ass. It's harder to navigate. It reminds me of an old text-only "Lynx optimized" job there.

On happier(?) news, I saw copies of Hammered on a promotional endcap at Target...I think it was for 'summer reading' or somesuch...

It's very much ass. Trying to ditch the frames, maybe?


The Target thing is Very Good News indeed. a couple of other people mentioned they'd seen them there. Not that I'm about to go put a down payment on a Lamborghini, mind you.

I wonder if I'll get a third printing out of that. Hmmm. *pokes book with spoon*

Get out there and dance, cowboy! Dance!
Yeah, but have you seen the new SFWA site?

I swear on all that's holy that it gave me a piercing headache the first time I looked at it.

Dear God. I didn't think anything could be worse than the old one, but I was so, so wrong.
Not seeing a change, and after reading the comments, I'm not sure I WANT to.

*tries in Firefox anyway*

Eh. I prefer the old, but it doesn't kill me or my eyes.
You are a better woman than I, Gunga Din. *g*