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arcaedia on yesterday's post office bill.

ursulav presents The Old Battleaxe. When I am an old ork, I will wear purple....

The Agony Column has a first-in review comment on Scardown. Although Rick's trying so hard not to spoiler the trilogy that I think he may have strained something. Did he like it? I'm not sure. But he aplogized for the cleavage on the cover, so I don't have to.

He also has some advice on what to do if your boxers are haunted:

In the event your own boxers aren't haunted. And if they are -- put them in a jar. Sell them on E-Bay.

I can't be the only one who pictured Mike Tyson in a mason jar, can I? Am I the only person on Earth who remembers Pickled People? I was just fascinated by their little tormented soft-sculpture faces as a child...

Man, the Seventies. Thank God that's over with.

I guess that means the ARCs have landed.

But I digress.

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