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random links

mrissa talks about Scandahoovian understatement. All you who think I don't get excited about stuff? Just remember, I'm Swedish, too. *g*

14 year old soldiers. I'm so claiming the predict on this one:

"They give us a lot of money for doing nothing," says Tyler. "If we have to go to war later, it won't be that bad anyway. She (Reas) gave us a copy of an Army video game that lets you see what it's really like. If you know what you're doing, you probably won't get hurt or killed." ...

... "Is it unfortunate that we have to recruit children to serve in battle? Absolutely," he says. "But most countries have had children soldiering for centuries. We're just leveling the playing field."

Aw, fuck.

I so wanted to be wrong about this.

ETA: fortunately, it appears that I fell for an April Fool's prank two weeks late. See comments for discussion.

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