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Steve eye infection update:

mrissa on tough women


We went to see Steve Brust in hospital today, and got permission to update people on his condition without the friendslock. He's being treated for a nasty, persistent sinusitis that had done a lovely job of making him look like he'd been walloped in the right eye with a cricket bat.

He remains in good spirits, although frustrated by the enforced being in a freaking hospital thing. He's on IV vancomycin, currently, and the swelling over his eye has almost entirely gone down. He's on his fourth IV site. I'm sure you can all imagine how thrilled he is by that.

Depending which way the various medical arguments go, he may be on IV vanc for a while (read, a couple more weeks), due to infection having migrated to his facial bones. It's under control; don't panic; but that's the sort of thing that you want rooted out and dead dead dead before you let somebody off the antibiotics. Vancomycin is the Big Gun; you do not want somebody coming back with a resistant infection. You make real sure. If he has to stay on the IV, he's stuck in the hospital for at least another fortnight.

However, he may be allowed to go home on oral vanc. Possibly. We'll call tomorrow or Monday and get an update.

So anyway, he is stuck in a hospital room, although with plenty to read and/or watch. On the other hand, if anybody wants to ship him care packages or get well notes, they can be sent c/o me and kit_kindred. Email for a mailing address; we'll be happy to play courier.

Or, anybody who wants to drop Steve an email via my gmail account (matociquala at) is welcome to, and I'll print those out and drag them to him.

Please note: I live in Las Vegas. It was 95 here today. Do not send perishable items, or things (like chocolate) that melt. They will not arrive intact.


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