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So, I tried a new trick when I hennaed my hair today. Instead of just slapping the hot henna on, I wet my hair down with lemon juice first, which is supposed to bring out blonde highlights in addition to the red ones the henna gives.

I am a redhead.

I mean like, not my usual kind of coppery blonde.

Like, Swedish red.

It actually looks really good, but wow. It's red.

Usually the henna just picks out my highlights and gives them a more coppery tone--and it also deep-conditions. Now it's as red as tanaise's, but darker. I look like my mother: it's the same color as the Faerie in Froud's "Tapesty" in my default icon.

I may keep it this color, unless I get too lazy. I mean, I have the skin tone for it, and it actually plays down the red tones in my face rather nicely, and more or less matches my eyebrows.

Hmm. Redheaded Bear. What do you think?

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