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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

If you knew how sausage was made, you would never eat sausage again.

[22:41] katallen: nothing happens on the internet anymore
[22:41] stillsostrange: nope
[22:41] katallen: ::snuggles::
[22:41] matociquala: except for people not getting my jokes.
[22:42] matociquala: I never understood that I had a dry sense of humor until I started blogging.
[22:42] katallen: heh
[22:42] matociquala: 'cause, you know, I thought the bit about the refugee tent cities of manitoba was hysterical.
[22:42] matociquala: and nothing.
[22:43] matociquala: not a word.
[22:43] katallen: ::giggles::
[22:44] katallen: ::pets Bear::
[22:44] katallen: the disciples sit at the master's feet
[22:46] matociquala: They scratch their heads and go "What is she on about?"
[22:47] katallen: one of these days I should see if I can start a horrible row on your lj
[22:47] matociquala: And dammit, after all that fuss about omni, the book keeps sliding into tight POVs now.
[22:47] matociquala: *kicks book*
[22:47] matociquala: What sort of a row?
[22:47] matociquala: a row might be nice.
[22:47] matociquala: *bunny kicks POVs*
[22:48] katallen: I don't know - something vaguely schismish
[22:48] matociquala: Expand!
[22:48] matociquala: Branch out!
[22:48] matociquala: Spread wide your tawny wings and go!
[22:48] matociquala: Maybe I should head-hop into the sausage :-P
[22:48] katallen: heeee
[22:48] katallen: or the mouse
[22:48] matociquala: LOL
[22:49] matociquala: It's a mouse sausage.
[22:49] katallen: "I'm soooo stuffed"
[22:49] matociquala: Heh.
[22:49] matociquala: You are so getting quoted in my lj *g*
[22:49] stillsostrange: And the fork thought 'no more sausage grease!'.
[22:49] stillsostrange: 'Not another mouse.'
[22:49] matociquala: not another bite....
[22:49] matociquala: no more....
[22:49] matociquala: I suppose there's the waitress.
[22:50] matociquala: The elk head on the wall.
[22:50] matociquala: The short order cook.
[22:50] matociquala: :-P
[22:50] katallen: the table - ultra supportive
[22:50] matociquala: *bangs head on keyboard*
[22:51] katallen: I want an Elizabethan poet
[22:51] matociquala: *sends one along*
[22:51] matociquala: How about Jonson?
[22:51] matociquala: Nashe?
[22:51] matociquala: Everybody liked Fletcher, even if he couldn't write.
[22:51] katallen: I want a sexy Elizabethan poet
[22:52] matociquala: Sorry.
[22:52] matociquala: These all need dental work.


Well, I thought the refugee tent cities of Manitoba was funny.
*trips on the carpet and sprawls*
I find your jokes to be not entirely without merit.

*loves Ken*
These all need dental work. *giggles*
Well they *do.*

If you want sexy, Elizabethans are a bad bet...
Wow, I go to bed at a reasonable hour and miss out on the surreality hour. Geez.

(And I actually laughed out loud at the refugee tent cities in Manitoba but I was bad and didn't mention it.)
*g* I'm not actually THAT much of a comment whore. There was context in that I had just made several jokes that fell flat all at once.

And then there was the whole sausage-POV thing, and.... well. Posterity deserved it.
Was it only 2500 miles?

I thought it was at least twice that.
Given the state of my teeth*...

I don't care about the teeth and bondage is fun. I'll take Kit


*Yet another reason not to have an eating disorder, chillun.
I'll save you a place setting in Hell.
You continue to make me laugh.

That is all.

Mine, it seems, is not only dry, but tangiental and suffers from my having various amounts of overeducation.

It can take years for people who know me, in person, to get the jokes (and sometimes just to know I am making a joke).

So I try to avoid responsive humor on the net.

It just leads to trouble.

I remember, in particular, back when I still worked in an office at a bank. (I was a temp. please forgive me.) and I was helping the IT person unload cases and cases of expanded memory for the various computers. We were stacking them up, her inside her cube and me outside.

And she started giggling, because we were walling her in. And I said "Say, 'for the love of God, Montressor!'" and she blinked, thought about it, and then gave me the "You have a squid on your head." look.

It was then that I realized that I was not like other people.

So, yeah.

Right there with you.