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If you knew how sausage was made, you would never eat sausage again.

[22:41] katallen: nothing happens on the internet anymore
[22:41] stillsostrange: nope
[22:41] katallen: ::snuggles::
[22:41] matociquala: except for people not getting my jokes.
[22:42] matociquala: I never understood that I had a dry sense of humor until I started blogging.
[22:42] katallen: heh
[22:42] matociquala: 'cause, you know, I thought the bit about the refugee tent cities of manitoba was hysterical.
[22:42] matociquala: and nothing.
[22:43] matociquala: not a word.
[22:43] katallen: ::giggles::
[22:44] katallen: ::pets Bear::
[22:44] katallen: the disciples sit at the master's feet
[22:46] matociquala: They scratch their heads and go "What is she on about?"
[22:47] katallen: one of these days I should see if I can start a horrible row on your lj
[22:47] matociquala: And dammit, after all that fuss about omni, the book keeps sliding into tight POVs now.
[22:47] matociquala: *kicks book*
[22:47] matociquala: What sort of a row?
[22:47] matociquala: a row might be nice.
[22:47] matociquala: *bunny kicks POVs*
[22:48] katallen: I don't know - something vaguely schismish
[22:48] matociquala: Expand!
[22:48] matociquala: Branch out!
[22:48] matociquala: Spread wide your tawny wings and go!
[22:48] matociquala: Maybe I should head-hop into the sausage :-P
[22:48] katallen: heeee
[22:48] katallen: or the mouse
[22:48] matociquala: LOL
[22:49] matociquala: It's a mouse sausage.
[22:49] katallen: "I'm soooo stuffed"
[22:49] matociquala: Heh.
[22:49] matociquala: You are so getting quoted in my lj *g*
[22:49] stillsostrange: And the fork thought 'no more sausage grease!'.
[22:49] stillsostrange: 'Not another mouse.'
[22:49] matociquala: not another bite....
[22:49] matociquala: no more....
[22:49] matociquala: I suppose there's the waitress.
[22:50] matociquala: The elk head on the wall.
[22:50] matociquala: The short order cook.
[22:50] matociquala: :-P
[22:50] katallen: the table - ultra supportive
[22:50] matociquala: *bangs head on keyboard*
[22:51] katallen: I want an Elizabethan poet
[22:51] matociquala: *sends one along*
[22:51] matociquala: How about Jonson?
[22:51] matociquala: Nashe?
[22:51] matociquala: Everybody liked Fletcher, even if he couldn't write.
[22:51] katallen: I want a sexy Elizabethan poet
[22:52] matociquala: Sorry.
[22:52] matociquala: These all need dental work.

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