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December 2021



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bear by san

This is not an attempt to be unfriendly--

--but apparently the comment spam morons have found me, so I've been forced to disable anonymous commenting in this journal.

I apologize for the inconvenience.


Nothing wrong with that. I reset mine ages ago to screen all anonymous comments.
I log IP addresses--is that enough?
I'm just getting tired of deleting the spam. *g*
What kind of spam are you getting? The usual sexual aids/cheap software, or trolls?
No, it's mostly online casino adverts.

And then I have to go delete the comments, and it's boring.
I screen anonymous comments.
but then *I* still have to look at them, and go delete them.

The issue is the time spent deleting.
Wanna come play at my online casino?

I hope they don't find me. My dad and my boyfriend both comment anonymously a couple times a week.
Hee. Yeah, alas, I have a couple of people who do also.

I suppose they will be forced to get lj accounts now :-(
I got one casino come-on last week, but that's been it so far (knock on wood).
I suspect it may have to do with how busy your LJ is, creating an attractive spam-nest. Also, do you have your commands set so that spiders et al are told to Go Away? I did that so nobod could (theoretically) search for anything said in my LJ, and it seems (knock wood) to have kept the commercial spammers away.

(not the personal ones, but for them I screen)

No, I have it set to allow spiders. Because, well, if people search for something bizarre, and find my livejournal, and go "who is this madwoman?", and take a book out of the library, and like it--well, hell, maybe they will buy the next book.

And that's a win. *g*

There is a madness to my method, it's just not always immediately apparent.

Oh wait. Strike that. Reverse it.
Your madness is not immediately apparent, because has a method?