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I need help.

Specifically, I need popular song titles that reference New York City and Boston (and by popular, I mean everything from traditional music to rap, but not opera or orchestral music.)

These are for chapter titles in Whiskey & Water, so the weirder the better.

I have a partial list so far (with thanks to katallen, chance88088, and leahbobet)

Fairytale of New York.
New York State of Mind
I Love New York
Christmas in Hollis
Leaving New York
Autumn in New York.
Daddy Don't Live In That New York City No More.
New York Minute
Seen the Lights Go Out On Broadway
I Guess the Lord Must be in New York City
Boy From New York City
New York Girls
First We Take Manhattan
New York's Not My Home
Englishman in New York
No Sleep til Brooklyn
Lullaby of Broadway
Take the A Train
Last Exit to Brooklyn
Central Parker
Do You Miss New York?
East Village Buffalo Poppy
New York State of Blues
New York Tendaberry
New York, New York
Sex in New York City
Sidewalks of New York
Sunrise Over New York
When I'm Out With The Belle of New York

The Boston Rag
Please Come to Boston
Charlie on the MTA
Muddy Water

The weirder, as I say, the better--they have to mean something to people who don't necessarily know the song. (For example, "I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City")

And what I really need right now is something with a "Lord of new York" or "Princes of New York" or whatever kind of a title.


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