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well I know that you make music, 'cause you carry an guitar

Progress notes for 21 April 2005

Whiskey & Water

New Words: 652
Total Words: 45,478 (I did have to cut some stuff, alas)
Pages: 205

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
45,478 / 160,000

Reason for stopping: Headache, exhaustion, work
Mammalian Assistance: Marlowe made a visit, and Mith tried to bed for peanut butter toast, and then didn't like it.
Stimulants: seltzer
Exercise: walking later? not sure.
Mail: nomail. Dammit. *performs mailbox voodoo*
Today's words Word don't know: vivarium, burled
Tyop du jour: There was a doorman, who became considerably moor cooperative when Don showed him a badge.
Darling du jour:
Books in progress, but not at all quickly: Ed Sanders, Tales of Beatnik Glory; Neal Stephenson, Quicksilver, Sarah Monette, Kekropia
Interesting research tidbit of the day: Best writer tool in the world is total strangers posting their travel photos online. I am creepy stalker girl! (And thank God they did, too, because I couldn't remember if there were cobblestones along Central Park West or not.)

Also, butterfly cam!

Other writing-related work
: One chapter critted for truepenny

So sleeeeeeeeeeeeeepy. Also my neck hurts. And my head. *whines*

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