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Hooray, hooray for the first of May. :-)

And only a day late.

Today is the last day of my mental health week. I'll have to try to get some wordcount tomorrow morning/afternoon before and after the Derby, though--my notecarding is all done, and I think I know how the book goes and I think the arc makes sense. Tomorrow night is dinner with Chris' work friends and then Prom Duty. Eeeeeeeeeee. :-) So no writing will happen then... and tonight is the X-men movie.

I scanned some pictures of my dogs today. I'll post them when I get home and can upload them to my webspace.

What, me dull? You noticed!


In other news, response to Issue 3 of A&A is good so far. It's nice to provide something people seem to like, and buy some good stories. Everybody walks away happy. *Grin.*


Haven't seen my snail mail yet, but so far the rejection embargo continues. Somewhere, the nomailman is cackling, saving up a little pile of those letters to myself to deliver all on one day.

Hmm. Gotta find places to send "One-Eyed Jack & The Suicide King" and "The Train They Call The City." When I figure out how to inject a little more narrative tension into that latter: it's pretty right now, but drifty. Reviewers have been calling it one of the saddest stories they've ever read, though--so who wants a 2.5K sorrowful sociological SF story?

Interesting that a couple of people have assumed it's in the same universe as "Gone To Flowers," "High Iron," Hammered, and Scardown. I never intended it to be, but I suppose if you have a future history sort of thingy going, it makes sense that your regular readers will make a pass at slotting stuff in there.

And that's all the news there is.

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