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Take this longing from my tongue / whatever useless things my hands have done

whew. 9 posts yesterday. Probably my all-time livejournal record. I promise not to do it again.

(via gannet) ivory billed woodpecker. not dead yet.

I so should not be feeling a ridiculous flush of hope over this. But I am. If you were a crunchy granola hippie liberal pinko treehugging freak like me, you could give money to the Nature Conservancy.

If anybody is in Las Vegas and wants to come out and play, I will be at a SNAFFU/VSFA One-Day Event at the Clark County Library on E. Flamingo Road tomorrow, Saturday 30th April 2005. Steve is the GoH, and other attendees include Brad Linaweaver, J. Kent Hastings, J. Neil Schulman, and James Hudnall.

So, er, that's three self-publishing libertarians, a Trotskyist sympathizer, and two ecodoom Independents. Did I mention that the major event is a panel on "Plausible Futures"?

Who wants to bring the popcorn?


I have given to the Nature Conservancy in the past. I love the premise of the organization; buy the land, then you can protect it better than anybody else can. Brilliant.
I love the premise of the organization; buy the land, then you can protect it better than anybody else can. Brilliant.

Simple, inarguable, efficient.

They rock.
Nature Conservancy is the one with the Ugly Bird symbol, aren't they? Maybe I'll give them some money of they change their logo.

I haven't been in contact with Brad Linaweaver for a millennium or so, but we hung out together when I was a libertarian, and I like Moon of Ice.
No, they're the green and white oak leaf. One of my favorite charities. The premise is simple: they take your money and buy land with it.

No legislation, no argument. They just take it off the market and let it remain open space.

They do actually advertise with the sand crane on their stuff, the startled bird with the red fuzz on top. That's on the material, even though their symbol is the leaf.
Who wants to bring the popcorn?

Oo! Oo! Me! *waves hand frantically*

Transcripts and/or RD version would assauge the tremendous disappointment that I can't be there. *g*
The political and emotional climate being what it is, any spark of hope is gratefully received.

Sometimes there are second chances. For years, I have hoped that there's enough DNA in one of the remaining stuffed specimens to resurrect the passenger pigeon.
My WOTD is cryptosoologist in honor of the ivory-billed woodpecker. I spent a good portion of my childhood looking for one, to prove that stupid guidebook wrong. Turns out that Virginia was the wrong woods to look for it -- who knew? I did see a piliated woodpecker, though, which is very similar.

Does Brust actually argue his politics in public?
No clue. I've never seen Steve on a panel. However, considering the nature of the panel, I expect a rare old wrangle, just considering the personalities involved.
Don't apologize for many posts. At least you have something to say! ...Well, you can apologize if all your posts are over 3K, and none are LJ-cut. That does get annoying, even when it's something I'd really like to read. Ffffttt. ;D

Hm. I'll be near Lost Wages come July, but I hear that's a bad time to be anywhere near the Southwest. Ah, well.
Well, drop an email. *g* Yanno.
Heh, I will. Lookitme, people-hopping from Los Angeles back to DC. We've got the "stop to look at houses" in Phoenix (mebbe), the "stop to get single friend so drunk she forgets to get stressed about being single" in Houston, the "stop to visit aunt and eat beignets until we pop" in New Orleans, the "stop to load up on shrimp" in Biloxi, the...

Eh, what's one more and a bit o' detour? Never been to Las Vegas, anyway. ;D