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Take this longing from my tongue / whatever useless things my hands have done

whew. 9 posts yesterday. Probably my all-time livejournal record. I promise not to do it again.

(via gannet) ivory billed woodpecker. not dead yet.

I so should not be feeling a ridiculous flush of hope over this. But I am. If you were a crunchy granola hippie liberal pinko treehugging freak like me, you could give money to the Nature Conservancy.

If anybody is in Las Vegas and wants to come out and play, I will be at a SNAFFU/VSFA One-Day Event at the Clark County Library on E. Flamingo Road tomorrow, Saturday 30th April 2005. Steve is the GoH, and other attendees include Brad Linaweaver, J. Kent Hastings, J. Neil Schulman, and James Hudnall.

So, er, that's three self-publishing libertarians, a Trotskyist sympathizer, and two ecodoom Independents. Did I mention that the major event is a panel on "Plausible Futures"?

Who wants to bring the popcorn?

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