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link salad (writerstuff)

booksquare on laboring under a literary misconception.

Today, we learned that we’ve been laboring under a misconception. We thought we took writing pretty seriously as an art. We were wrong. Only men can do that, which is good since the hunting thing they used to do so well isn’t paying the bills. Our work is fluffy and inconsequential. Probably we shouldn’t even call it writing. From now on, we’ll think of it as random sribbling that sometimes happens to form coherent thoughts.

booksquare on large advances and the advocacy of heavy drinking.

In the latest installment, “Keith” shares the highs and lows of a large advance. We follow Keith from book one to book five, and it’s painful. Very painful. Do not read this without a stiff vodka close by. If you don’t drink, now might be a good time to start.

catvalente: thirty-two statements about writing. (these are the ones I often disagreed with, except when I was agreeing.)


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