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Progress notes for 2 May 2005:

Whiskey & Water

New Words: 990
Total Words: 59496
Pages: 269

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
59,496 / 160,000

Reason for stopping: Work, dammit
Mammalian Assistance: Marlowe on shoulder
Stimulants: lime passion and lemon zinger teas. I really don't like lemon zinger. I miss red zinger, dammit. Where's my gorram hippie tea???
Exercise: walking later
Mail: reject from SH. Guess I have to cave and cut all the pretty out of the front end of this story, dammit, because the air of stasis I'm going for is working a little too well.
Today's words Word don't know: Hemorrhagic
Tyop du jour: n/a
Darling du jour: he felt a certain kinship to anyone whom Morgan Le Fey was working that hard to bed.
Books in progress, but not at all quickly: Ed Sanders, Tales of Beatnik Glory; Neal Stephenson, Quicksilver
Interesting research tidbits of the day: n/a
Other writing-related work: n/a

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