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Something from the past comes and creeps into my soul. (in which the nested parentheses proliferate)

via slithytove, Robert Sheckley hospitalized in Kiev.

kit_kindred and friends went to the Las Vegas Firefly sneak last night. I didn't go; I'm not fond of the show for a variety of reasons (although I've finally figured out what it is about Mal that chaps my ass, and now that I know that I may actually be able to watch the show without wanting to scream at the television. I have a clinically low tolerance for (a) loveable rogues, unless there's a Wookiee along to wear the "I'm with Stupid" T-shirt, and (b) cute comic relief characters, and Mal needs a Wookiee. Specifically, it's not that he takes himself seriously. It's that the show takes him seriously, and I want it to deconstruct him a little or get out of my hair. Also, Joss is absolutely great at creating interesting character dynamics and the Whedon banter generator is the best banter generator in the business, but I wish he'd find a different plot arc than angst, oh, angst. (Yes, I am aware of the irony of a Farscape fan saying that)), and I figured others who were should have the chance to see it. (I also dislike Babylon 5 (argh! the acting! argh! my eyes!) and all of the Star Treks other than, oh, TOS, which I grew up on, so it has nostalgia value, and middle-period NG (largely, frankly, because of my huge embarrassing crush on Brent Spiner and/or Michael Dorn and/or Dwight Schultz--although even Dorn couldn't get me watching DS9))

He came home pretty seriously unhappy with the whole thing, while acknowledging moments of brilliance. I'll link his post on the topic whenever he gets around to it, for the fans out there. It'll probably be spoilery. Although from the amount of fansquee on my flist, his opinion seems to be a minority one.

via karentraviss, "Mine's Bigger Than Yours" This amuses the hell out of me. I like.
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