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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Something from the past comes and creeps into my soul. (in which the nested parentheses proliferate)

via slithytove, Robert Sheckley hospitalized in Kiev.

kit_kindred and friends went to the Las Vegas Firefly sneak last night. I didn't go; I'm not fond of the show for a variety of reasons (although I've finally figured out what it is about Mal that chaps my ass, and now that I know that I may actually be able to watch the show without wanting to scream at the television. I have a clinically low tolerance for (a) loveable rogues, unless there's a Wookiee along to wear the "I'm with Stupid" T-shirt, and (b) cute comic relief characters, and Mal needs a Wookiee. Specifically, it's not that he takes himself seriously. It's that the show takes him seriously, and I want it to deconstruct him a little or get out of my hair. Also, Joss is absolutely great at creating interesting character dynamics and the Whedon banter generator is the best banter generator in the business, but I wish he'd find a different plot arc than angst, oh, angst. (Yes, I am aware of the irony of a Farscape fan saying that)), and I figured others who were should have the chance to see it. (I also dislike Babylon 5 (argh! the acting! argh! my eyes!) and all of the Star Treks other than, oh, TOS, which I grew up on, so it has nostalgia value, and middle-period NG (largely, frankly, because of my huge embarrassing crush on Brent Spiner and/or Michael Dorn and/or Dwight Schultz--although even Dorn couldn't get me watching DS9))

He came home pretty seriously unhappy with the whole thing, while acknowledging moments of brilliance. I'll link his post on the topic whenever he gets around to it, for the fans out there. It'll probably be spoilery. Although from the amount of fansquee on my flist, his opinion seems to be a minority one.

via karentraviss, "Mine's Bigger Than Yours" This amuses the hell out of me. I like.


*sputters* You don't like love Firefly? Okay, granted your objections can be validated (though frankly I think the resemblance of Mal to Han is a bit overrated, but then again, I saw star wars originally at a very young age and was much more influenced by Indy....Okay that and Fillion is a much prettier man that Ford IMO).

Oh well....you do like farscape:):) And write exceedingly well plus posting a lot to entertain me;) hehehehe.

I am very nervous as to what my reaction to Serenity will be come September. Trying very hard to erase all my expectations in the meantime.
He has a wookie -- Jayne.

(As for sci-fi TV in general, let's just say that you and I have tastes that are nearly 180 degrees opposed, and leave it at that).
He has a wookie -- Jayne.

Excuse me, I must now guffaw.
> but I wish he'd find a different plot arc than angst, oh, angst.

At least it's better than the impending doom of Goth Vader, in which Anakin goes through his dark-n-spooky "nobody understands me" phase.

>"Mine's Bigger Than Yours"

Damn! That certainly puts things in perspective. Pun intended. ;)
It's days like this that I curse not living in one of the cities that they decided to show it in. *extends lower lip*

I love the show and I love Mal, though I can definitely hear what you're saying. It's characters like his that make me realize that cynics and idealists are not actually opposite ends of the spectrum as they are sometimes portrayed. Sometimes, even when they do something stupid, I have to admire it a little because I know that it's always driven by noble intentions.

It's a little bit like when a child decides to make you breakfast out of a genuine desire to help, but leaves the kitchen so messy that you kind of wish they hadn't bothered, but you still love that they wanted to make something for you.
I also dislike Babylon 5 (argh! the acting! argh! my eyes!)

Heh. I tried to watch that show back when it was on the air, and that was my reaction, too. I loved the wacky aliens and the mystery, but the acting was simply dreadful, and the writing not much better. High concept is fine, but you have to have the bricks and mortar to support it.
I honestly thought I was the only person on earth who thought so. Thank you, John. *g*
Re Robert Scheckley. Oh no! He's one of the sweetest old guys I've ever met -- full of great personal stories and just a good soul. I helped him move his office and gather furniture for his house a couple years back and had a lovely day chatting with him. I know the prognosis is grim, but I do hope he pulls through somehow.
I am very sad about this.
Thanks for the link to "Mine's Bigger than Yours" -- what a hoot!
It made my day....

Definite wallpaper material. *g*
(I also dislike Babylon 5 (argh! the acting! argh! my eyes!)


That was me after failing to make it through the pilot when it aired.

I did, later, watch several episodes friends specially chose for me, little chunks of arcs, on tape when I was home sick with a terrible throat infection and made it through those, liking some characters vastly more than others. But I still wasn't taken enough with it to watch the series itself, and to this day have never seen the last season or so. And I never felt the urge to re-watch.

And Crusade! The Pain! Not even for Peter Woodward could I watch more than an episode!

As for the Spiner-Dorn-Schultz crush, one of my college friends had the biggest crush on Data you could imagine. And Dorn, my God, the voice. What a voice that man has. And Schultz! So adorable! My primary reason for watching oh-so-many episodes of "The A-Team" with my parents!
Oh, Peter Woodward. Yeah, I would sit through a LOT for him.

But not that.
I'll wait until The Boy posts his feelings about the movie in his own journal to really deconstruct the thing, but having gone to the SF showing, I also am vaguely disappointed. The film is just unrelentingly DARK, and demonstrates once again to me that Whedon shouldn't be allowed to end his own shows (and if you've seen the finales to "Buffy" and "Angel," then you know what I'm talking about).
I've never seen Firefly, but I have to agree with you about the Buffy and Angel finales. Which is probably why I've never seen Firefly. Fool me once....
I love that Knopfler tune. One of my favorites. That and "Brothers in Arms." Good stuff.
It's such a good song. One I occasionally put on replay....

I'm new to your journal, and I don't know you personally, but....

I'm also watching Firefly. Like, the first DVD is in my Powerbook as I type this, and I saw it last night for the very first time.

First impressions: It's amusing, but not sticking with me. The archtypical characters (the loveable rogue leader, the badass, the jokester, the meek spiritual man, the geek girl, the brilliant-but-disturbed girl, thay they all have 'edgy' names) annoy me. The angst annoys me. I just can't buy Mal as a leader, and the Joss Whedon Witty Dialogue™, like in Buffy, just tried to be too clever. I also don't like that all the 'bad swearing unmentionable' words are in Chinese. There's just something about someone uttering Chinese in a twang while shooting at someone that just breaks immersion for me.

However, I like the actual ship. I like the physical worlds. I like the clothing. Overall, however, while it's amusing for me to watch, I can't get into it. I want to watch the rest of the series, however, before I make a final judgement.

(FWIW, in my world, I like Babylon 5. I can take Farscape or leave it. All of the Star Treks are bleh with the notable exception of Next Generation. I love Red Dwarf, and my favourite SF show of all time is Lexx. Like Firefly, the Lexx show takes the characters and situations seriously. However, the characters and situations are so ludicriously over the top that you can't help but not take it seriously as a viewer.)

Now, if Mal had a towering beehive hairdo Like Lexx's Kai, it'd be more watchable!

Re: I'm new to your journal, and I don't know you personally, but....

I found Lexx more or less unwatchable due to gross boredom, but I rather love Red Dwarf.
Hmmm...bought the Firefly DVDs on the strength of others' recs, as well as the fact that Nathan Fillion captured my attention when he played Caleb on Buffy. We'll see, says angst-ridden ol' me.

I am, however, gratified to see that someone else found Dwight Schultz attractive. He falls into a select club of which Willem Dafoe is President for Life, and Peter Weller, Thomas Haden Church, and Aiden Quinn are members. A something-about-the-facial-structure club.

Never saw an ep of B5 because, frankly, I could never get past the teasers and such that I did see because of the poor acting. Again, feeling gratified that someone else thought the same thing, although we are apparently in the minority here.

Dwight Schultz was infinitely crushable, because he was funny! And could act! And wasn't preening all the time.

Darling boy. *g*

bab 5

I also dislike Babylon 5 (argh! the acting! argh! my eyes!)

i am not alone!

Re: bab 5

Wow. It's like a Secret Siblinghood.

I wonder if we're all just scared to talk about it.