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I am not a Golden Wavelet Stylemonkey.

I am not New Pulp.

You heard it here first.

This arises from several of my cowriters realizing that we don't seem to have a literary identity in one of the emerging genre style groups: "I'm not New Pulp! I'm not a New Fabulist! I'm not a Stylemonkey!

Woe! Woe unto me who wishes to write lush, boundary-stretching fiction firmly rooted in the genre tradition, not in the remotest slipstreamy, with no regard for whether I'm writing Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Science Fantasy. Woe unto me who wishes to consider the sociological implications of a changing world; who expresses the belief that technology cannot dehumanize us, that SF is a means of speaking not to the future, but to the present; who believes that style is not subordinate to narrative but neither is narrative subordinate to style.

Woe unto me whose themes encompass nature and humanity and technology; who reaches for stories whose impact is emotional, visceral as well as intellectual!

Until today. For now I am no longer a wanderer adrift in search of a literary movement. Now, I am--

I am...


And so is cpolk. And katallen


Well, that was silly.

But accurate, more or less.

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